When people plan a trip to Mumbai, they envision themselves immersed in the glamour and glitz of Bollywood. Thane, on the other hand, is a region in the city’s east and is home to some of Mumbai’s most fascinating attractions.

From fortresses to ancient temples, hills, and parks, there is something for the underappreciated destination. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and explore the amazing views, you should visit the Thane locations listed below. Read the recommendations for the best places to visit in Thane.

  1. Ghodbunder Fort 

The fort consists of a Portuguese church built in the early 16th century AD, which, despite being dilapidated, is a significant tourist attraction. There are also several mansions and rooms that shed light on the magnificent Maratha rule. Tourists visit the fort, which serves as a popular hiking destination in Thane. The fort, which is now maintained by the Archeological Survey of India, is one of the best places to visit in Thane. 

  1. Sargam water park 

Sargam Water Park is another excellent option for making an exciting trip to Thane with your children. It has water slides, pools, and vegetarian food. It is an amusement park that embodies Thane’s green nature. It’s the ideal place to unwind and recharge.

The water park’s slides are a popular attraction. The water park is also open to the public and suitable for people of all ages. The best attractions at Sargam Water Park in Thane are enjoyable for visitors of all ages. 

  1. Upvan lake 

Upvan lake is located on the eastern side of Thane. It is the most famous place to relax and attracts evening strollers and morning joggers. It is one of Thane’s largest lakes, surrounded by Yeoor Hills, and located in the Pokhran-II area. It is also regarded as one of the city’s most environmentally friendly lakes. There are many restaurants and cafes open along the lakeside. You can visit there to enjoy the popular cuisines and dishes. 

  1. Vardhmaan fantasy amusement park 

For those who enjoy visiting amusement parks, Vardhmaan Fantasy Amusement Park is the best place to go. It is close to Shivar Garden. This park has seven zones. Each zone has a different type of food outlet and thrilling rides. It is recommended that you visit this park with your children of any age. There are many best restaurants in thane located near this area.

  1. Ovalekar wadi butterfly garden 

Overlekar wadi butterfly garden is considered an unassuming farm in Thane. It is one of the best places to explore with your family. There is also the presence of a guided tour by the several cycles of butterflies. This garden becomes a house, as there are more than a hundred species of butterflies.


Here are all the above places to must visit in thane. So, if you want to make a memorable tour of Mumbai, you should visit all the above places in thane.


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