Legal answering services provide communication support for law firms that are experiencing too many mass tort phone calls from the plaintiffs involved in a mass tort case. This service works by getting information about the plaintiffs and converting the leads into clients. They prioritize effective client communication. 

What Is A Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a kind of lawsuit that involves several plaintiffs that were hurt or wronged by the same defendant in the same way. A mass tort. The duties of a mass tort answering service are as follows;

  • Answering calls from clients, potential clients, and leads
  • Live transfer and call routing
  • Integrates with a firm’s CRM/CMS 
  • Reports analytics

How Does The Mass Tort Answering Service Benefit The Plaintiffs? 

A mass tort answering service can help to streamline legal procedures and communicate with plaintiffs who may have questions or information about the proceedings. In that case, a mass tort answering service can:

  • Provide Comfort By Answering The Phone Promptly 

A mass tort answering service that is always available to pick up the calls of the clients at all times will make the clients feel prioritized and given enough attention. They can be sure that when they are off from their busy schedule, there’s someone that wants to hear what they have to say and provide them with comfort.

  • Allow Clients To Get Help From The Comfort Of Their Homes 

Not all clients enjoy leaving the pleasures of their house to go to an office to answer questions about painful experiences. A very good mass tort answering service, as well as various other online legal services, can eliminate this discomfort by asking all of the important questions on call and making smart notes so that the law office has everything that they need to process a client’s specific situation within the mass tort case. This will enable the plaintiffs to always speak with you comfortably 

  • Always Speak With Empathy  

This is a skill required for mass tort answering service agents. The plaintiffs are already going through a lot from the painful experience that they are facing. A good mass tort answering service will always respond to the client with empathy and do its best to make the legal experience clear and comfortable.

When Do You Need A Mass Tort Answering Service?

A mass tort answering service is required when there are a whole lot of phone calls regarding mass tort cases. Mass tort answering services provide professional communication support to legal cases. 

Mass tort answering service agents are trained well enough to answer your phone, ask the right questions from the plaintiffs, and provide them with emotional support.


As a law firm, you require a mass tort answering service that will help you to attend to the plaintiffs and make sure they get the best information. The most important feature of a mass tort answering service is their function as agents who follow leads and look for as many mass tort plaintiffs as they can find.

They also make sure they communicate with these plaintiffs swiftly and create an effective work relationship.


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