Did you know that from the year 2010 to 2019, 10% of all criminal arrests in the US were for driving under the influence? In some states, having a DUI on your record can be a bit of a hurdle when it comes to insurance, especially when you’re shopping rates.

There is coverage available, however, and it can help. It is known as SR-22 insurance.

If you have DUI, have gotten into a car accident, and are shopping around for an insurance company, you may have been asked if you have an SR-22 in force. If so, you may wonder what it is and why it matters.

We invite you to keep reading for all the information you need on SR-22 auto liability insurance and what it can mean for you!

What is an SR-22

An SR-22 is an auto liability document filed with the state department of motor vehicles (DMV). It is proof that you have the minimum auto liability coverage that your state requires you to carry as a driver. It is also called a Certificate of Financial Responsibility.

This information is typically needed from drivers who have suspended their licenses or received multiple speeding tickets. It is also required if you are in an at-fault accident without the minimum required insurance or for other reckless driving cases. Having the SR-22 insurance policy on file is often a requirement for those drivers to have their licenses reinstated.

How Long is an SR-22 Needed

The amount of time you need an SR-22 depends on the state you live in and the severity of the violation. Generally, you will need an SR-22 for three years after a significant violation, such as a DUI conviction. After three years, the SR-22 is no longer necessary, and the person can return to using standard insurance policies.

It is essential to contact your state’s motor vehicle department if you have some questions. They can help you determine the length of time you need SR-22 insurance.

Associated Premiums

Premiums for SR-22 insurance are typically higher than those for traditional auto insurance. It is because high-risk drivers are more likely to incur claims, so the charges involve higher premiums to offset the risk.

The insurance company dictates changes in premiums for SR-22 insurance policies. They can be determined based on your driving history, car type, and overall level of experience and risk.

It is essential to shop around to ensure that you are getting the best coverage. If you are looking for coverage options in Texas, you can get cheap sr22 insurance here.

Get Back on the Road with an Auto Liability Insurance

SR-22 auto liability insurance is an essential tool for those who need to prove financial responsibility for their vehicles. It ensures high-risk drivers can get back on the road and get the coverage they need.

It is important to remember that rates vary depending on the individual’s driving history. Get a free quote online with your local provider today!

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