Are you planning recently for a vacation in Dubai? While you must be adding up several tourist attractions on your visit list, do not forget to experience the dolphin show that is located at the Creek Park. If you are traveling with kids, visiting the dolphin show is something that the entire family will fall in love with. 

When you are planning for a Dubai vacation, it is always better to plan all your activities beforehand to avoid any complications later on. If you have been thinking lately about how to plan your trip and activities such as dolphin shows in advance, one of the best ways is to get your bookings done at Thrillophilia. 

The Dolphin Show in Dubai is an attraction added by the Dubai Government to enhance the tourism of all ages in Dubai. Kids are a major audience at the Dubai Dolphinarium to witness and enjoy the dolphins and other water creatures playing and doing under activities in the pool area. 

Excited to watch the dolphins playing and juggling in front of you? Book your tickets for the dolphin show in Dubai through Thrillophilia to get an extra discount over the actual ticket price of the show. 

The Dolphin Show:

Tourists from different parts of the world visit Dubai to explore the Dolphin Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium. So, what do you expect at the dolphin show? 

  • Bottlenose dolphins playing, dancing, and juggling with balls in the pool water
  • Fur seals doing different activities along with the dolphins
  • 45 minutes show displaying different stunts and tricks done by the dolphins and seals

The seating arrangement is done around the water pool in a theater setup mode in an airconditioned environment to offer the best experience to the audience. But still, it is ideal to book dolphin show Dubai via Thrillophia so that you can get the best seating position to have the best view of the show. 

Dolphin Show Slots

If you wish to enjoy the dolphin show, you also need to know the show slots before visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium. Though the dolphinarium gates open at 10 am itself, there are fixed slots for the dolphin show. You can enjoy the dolphin shows from Monday to Saturday at these time slots:

  • 11:00 am
  • 2:00 pm
  • 6:00 pm

Make sure to book the tickets in advance to be sure of the time slots and reach on time. 

The Show Tickets

There are two types of dolphin show tickets that you can avail of. One is the VIP ticket while the second one is the regular one. The ticket for the VIP seating area costs 125 AED while the tickets for the regular seating area will cost you around 100 AED. 

The dolphinarium offers some discounts on special days such as Monday, Friday, and Saturday. But if you wish to get the tickets conveniently and at a much discounted price, you can book your tickets through Thrillophilia. 

Highlights at the Dolphinarium

Is watching the dolphins and seals the only highlight at the Dubai Dolphinarium? 

There are many more highlights that you can enjoy at the dolphinarium.  

  • The entire area of the dolphinarium is airconditioned and equipped with the latest quality of lights and sounds to offer a comfortable and high-class experience to the audience. 
  • Enjoy a spectacular view of the water creatures playing and doing different activities through the 180-degree amphitheater. 
  • Experience many other activities such as swimming with the dolphins, mirror maze, and witnessing several species of birds at the Bird Park. 

While the dolphin show lasts for 45 minutes, you should get extra time in hand to explore the other areas of the dolphinarium too. Also, make sure to book tickets for the Bird Park too through Thrillophilia. 

Benefits of Booking at Thrillophilia

Thinking about how booking a dolphin show at Thrillopilia can be beneficial for you. 

  • Leave the hassle of planning and booking your tickets to Thrillophilia while you are busy with other things
  • Get an extra discount on the ticket price so that you can get the VIP tickets also at an affordable rate
  • Get an exclusive package of hotels and other tourists attraction also in Dubai along with the dolphin show. 

So, why wait? Book your dolphin show in Dubai via Thrillophilia to have an amazing experience with your family. 


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