Geely Okavango Reviews

Geely is a multinational automobile company that focuses on the production of vehicles since 1986. Geely became able to work better on the production of vehicles. It was narrated in 1998 that Geely has word’s best leaders in technical and scientific field.

On November 19 2020, Geely Okavango came out with a very aggressive and roaring appearance. This design of Geely Okavango fascinates everyone. It has always focused on the quality of the vehicle. It has produced the vehicles world needs.

It competes with others in design, comfort and every crucial thing that matters in the production of a vehicle.

Overview of Geely Okavango

There are two main variants of Geely Okavango. Geely produces two variants and they use hybrid powerplant. There is a 3-cylinder engine used in Geely Okavango. The engine is 1.5-litre turbocharged, that has resemblance with Azkarra.

The style of this vehicle is contemporary which fascinates everyone. Everyone desires to have a such car. This car has capacity of 7 seats that gives a much space for the passengers. This vehicle has a spacious legroom that creates no problem in sitting.


These two variants are Urban and Turbo, and both of them use the same engine power, and a hybrid system.

The engine of this vehicle produces the power of 190 horsepower, and there is a production of Torque of 300 Nm. This torque is helped by 48-volt hybrid system built in this flabbergasting car.

There is only a use of front wheels in this car because power is sent to these wheels through a motor which is connected to a 7-speed misty dual-clutch transmission.

All the models of this vehicle have Sport, Comfort and Eco driving modes. These modes are built in all the new 7 seater verge. It means this car meets the modern requirements of this world.


This vehicle makes a use of Geely NL Platform. The Geely Okavango possesses a turbocharged gasoline engine having capacity of 1.5-litre that is equipped with 48-volt hybrid system that empowers the vehicle.

Not only that, engine is so powerful as there is a production of 190 horsepower with the production of Torque of 300 Nm. There is a use of disk brakes and solid discs. The ventilated disk brakes are at the front of vehicle while solid discs are at the back.

There are two suspensions being used in this car. There is a MacPherson strut suspension at the front on which it rides. Also, there is multi-link suspension used at the rear of vehicle.


This vehicle has ABS with EBD. There are airbags for driver seats and back seats. There is a reverse camera, and rear parking sensors. There is an especially designed hill descent control. There is a tire pressure monitoring feature.

Also, in Urban variant, there are curtain airbags, and side airbags. Not only that, there is a 360-degree camera. There are seatbelts, too.

LED Technology – Exterior

There are full LED headlamps on the either sides of the vehicle. There is a use of LED on the front of the vehicle and there are foglights on the rear of vehicle. Not only that, there LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

In Urban variant of Geely Okavango, there are LED rear arrangement lamps, and headlamp controls. There are power side mirrors equipped in this vehicle. There is auto folding of the mirrors. Also, there are roof trails.


There is an aggressive look of this beast which comes with black interior and grey headliner. There are 7 seats in this car, and this crossover comes having a 10.25-inch infotainment system.

There is a use of leather and fabric on the seats, depending on the model. There is a 6-way manual seat for driver, and 4-way adjustable seats for passengers.

Other Features

There are many advanced features used in this car. This car meets the modern requirements on the base of the features that are indispensable.

Here are some of them:

  • Comfort and ride are sublime.
  • The cabin space is fascinating, and impressive.
  • There is an addition of panoramic sunroof that has drawn the attention of audience because this is a great addition.
  • This vehicle is very easily manageable.


We have studied Geely Okavango in details, and we have seen that it is a newly created vehicle in 2020. It meets the modern requirements, and it has all the features that a driver and passengers need.

There are good features. There is a complete comfort while driving. It has all the driving modes that you could use on the go. Geely Okavango is very manageable that makes it preferable when it comes to its competitors. This vehicle can be a good choice of the people because of its look and also the performance is outstanding. This way it creates a much more difficulty for the competitors, and it ensures its powerful entry to the future.


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