What category of Twitch stream are you in? Do you have enough viewers to make yourself among the recognized streamers? Live streaming is not just about creating the content, of importance as well as getting viewers. Remember you can boost your viewership; buy Twitch viewers from Twitch and related sites. 

But how exactly do you start life streaming? This is extremely difficult you are in a highly competitive industry. It’s even worse when the industry involved is dead. Though fulfilled, some gamers are normally caught in limbo, they don’t have even a single Saul hanging on them. What would motivate a streamer to be dedicated if not his viewers? What if no viewers show up in your live streams? Do you give up? Do you kill your Livestream? You want to know all the live streaming categories-their pros and cons. Here are some of the streaming categories.

1. Retro Twitch category

Do you focus on live streaming nostalgic games? How do your viewers feel after watching the games? Do they give their comments? Are they positive or negative comments? Are you playing a high-profile game like Super Mario World? If not, then probably your game category is dead. For gamers, this is the best category. It has more than 1000 viewers. Where else can you find such viewers as a streamer?

In this category, there is a good viewer-to-streamer ratio. This is importantly impactful for beginners. Are you a beginner? Do you have followers or viewers? How did you get them? Most of the gamers not using this category are forced to kill their live streams in the long run because let’s face it, why would you spend so much to get nothing. Even better, this ratio can be your staircase to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Are you a streamer? Where have you been all the while? Grab this chance and make it your own.

2. Games, Demos Twitch category

Did you know that new gamers can have dead categories? Are you not into the Retro category as a gamer? Do you think people would lie about your content? You want to get into this category. Its overburden of choices leads to regret. Before getting into the category, you want to be honest with yourself and evaluate the opportunity cost; this platform doesn’t have many viewers as Retro.

What sets it apart is having a good number of viewers who are looking for something different. If you think about it, we cannot be the same. What gets your juices flowing maybe a scrap for me and we should learn to relish in these differences. This category takes care of such viewers- those who are considered to be different. They are open and receptive, they want to discover that quirky game you have decided to Livestream.

3. Food and Drink category

Who doesn’t love food? As they say, ‘show what your mama gave you. ‘Here, you get to show off your good or bad cooking skills. People usually go electric when it comes to food. They want to know the ingredient, and all other details including the time it takes to prepare the food. 

This category is impactful! It enables diversifications of products and the discovery of another toolbox for interacting. By trying a different thing, you get to learn more about your viewers, your friends. Even better, you meet more friends. Not everyone on Twitch is looking for gaming-related activity. Guess what, the number of non-gaming communities has doubled due to the diversification of twitch. You want to capture this cohort. It makes up the future of Twitch.

4. Just Chatting Twitch category

This is a large category that is usually recommended to most readers. At the mention of chatting, most of us think about the never-ending broadcast that oversaturate the activity though it provides you with a chance to shine. This is the catch, a viewer might be exposed to several modern watches, but there is only one you. How does it feel to hang out with people, friends? This platform provides such a surreal feeling. How lucky are you to find yourself in? Are you aware of those you jive with? Get in here and discover more.

Here are the secrets to growing your channels. Hold them dear to your moves, they should be your guiding steps even while diversifying. It’s a great way to start your live streams.


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