On the 9th of October in 2015, the 31-year-old woman with two children LaJoya McCoy shared a post via Facebook her joy over meeting a new boyfriend. LaJoya had ambitions and was determinedly pursuing her ambitions before she was knocked down during the peak of her life. What did she do? Let’s look.

Did Lajoya McCoy? What was the reason for her death?

According to police reports of the investigation, the death of LaJoya’s is believed to have occurred caused by the ex of her boyfriend Jose Turner. After the breakup LaJoya decided to live her life to the fullest. She was a dancer’s dream and continued to pursue it with determination. She received a promotion to her job and was planning to relocate close to family members in Texas in the near future. Jose Turner says that he last saw her on the previous weekend, when he gathered their kids from their home. After LaJoya was unable to be located by her friends or family members, police eventually got into her apartment and discovered bloodstains and blood splatter in the bedroom.

Her car was discovered in the nearby area with the parking ticket, which indicated that Jose was also there. He was charged with first degree murder, after evidence proved that he choked LaJoya to death using his naked hands in the apartment. In 2017, Jose Turner was found guilty and sentenced and life prison time for this horrific crime committed against a innocent woman who had a lot of promise ahead of her.

LaJoya Disappearance

In the aftermath of her disappearance without a trace, her friends and family members were filled with fear of what might happen to this extraordinary person who cared deeply for the people close to her. Through the relentless search efforts of the people closest to her, they managed to garner attention to local media outlets, who published stories that raised awareness about the disappearance of LaJoya from her home in Riverside, California all the all throughout all of the United States and even internationally across Europe and South America where she has many relatives living overseas in the time of this tragic event .

This allowed everyone to come together and assist in finding justice until justice was found over two years later, when Jose Turner was held accountable for his actions against LaJoya McCoy on that tragic day in October of 2015. She went out to the club one last time, not thinking that it was the final Saturday night she lived to see on Earth instead of behind bars, in a place where she will always be known, but she will go away far too early and far too young and never able to make good on the promise we all saw in her many years ago , before the tragedy came to an end so tragically, but is an inspiration to us years after her passing, even as we live our lives without her, even though we’ll never forget what transpired the day before, nor will anyone ever since. this story serves as a reminder that life is a precious and fragile things that you should cherish until the day you are no longer able to forever .

LaJoya McCoy Obituary

LaJoya’s tragic tale of McCoy is one that is full of sadness and grief, but also optimism because although she’s gone physically , her legacy continues to be felt by all of us. There are many who did not even know about her but nevertheless were affected by the this story to put in the efforts to bring justice closure to all who were affected . Whatever the situation is, remember that there is a bright future, if you and look at the situation with a keen eye . Even when it seems like the all around us is falling there is a chance to improve things. Pick up the pieces, move forward and seek peace, comfort and strength within us. We all face and hardships for long enough to discover a way back home. The journey to the end of our journey is a chance to start again . Rest in peace sweet angel. Fly high and wait to meet again in the near future! Let us all learn from this tragedy and be grateful for every moment we spend together with loved ones as they’re still and with us now!


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