It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of our dear REALTOR(r) as well as TPCAR members, Margo Wheeler Willis. She died unexpectedly on the 28th day of January 2023 in the company of her loved ones and family. Continue reading to the details about her.

Who was Margo Wheeler?

Margo is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but was raised in Tacoma, Washington and was Retired US Army First Sergeant. Margo began her career as an REALTOR(r) with John L. Scott Real Estate in Tacoma in 2019, following her retirement from serving in the US Army.

In her time in John L. Scott she gained her position as a prestigious member of the Tacoma-Pierce Country Association of Realtors (TPCAR). Margo is an active participant, serving on a variety of committees, including that of Grievance Committee, Professional Standards Committee, Governmental Affairs Committee and many more throughout her tenure at TPCAR. Her commitment to education went beyond her own; she offered to assist new agents in their journey towards becoming the best professional in real estate.

Margo’s Impact on Others

Margo was a major influence on her family and friends through her dedication to service inside and outside the real estate business. She was involved in a variety of charitable organizations, including Special Olympics Washington where she worked for 11 years, and even when she had been diagnosed with cancer the year 2020. Apart from the charitable work she was involved in, Margo had many hobbies which included gardening, traveling and playing golf – one that earned her recognition from Golf Digest Magazine! When asked about what she liked most about working as the profession of a Realtor(r), Margo said it was “the feeling of happiness when I hand keys to a homeowner who’s first time buying a home or assist someone in finding their ideal home” that she found the most satisfying about her work.

What caused Margo Wheeler pass away? What was the reason for her death?

Today today, everyone in the REALTOR(r) neighborhood was deeply sad to learn of the passing of former US Army First Sergeant Margo Wheeler, who died on Saturday, the 28th day of January 2023. A beloved participant in the real estate industry and the volunteer industry for a long time Margo’s loss is felt with great sadness by many. What happened and why are the questions that will be asked by everyone. There is no cause of death that has been announced as of yet and has left a large number of those who loved Margo in the state of confusion and sorrow, hoping to find some closure within the next few days on her final days and the manner in which she died.

Margo Wheeler Obituary

We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to everyone who was affected by the passing of Margo particularly close family members and friends. We ask for peace at this difficult time , as we think of our beloved friend’s devotion to her work and to helping others achieve success both in business and in life. We will be missing you deeply, Margo! Rest In Peace!


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