CBD supplements and edibles are getting a lot of attention these days. The US Farm Bill 2018 legalizes the sale and growth of hemp plants in the country and has boosted the CBD industry. That led to a new range of CBD products that caught the users’ attention, and CBD gummies are one of them. In fact, many users have stated that gummies are the best way of consuming CBD, especially when you are a novice user.

The delicious taste of the CBD gummies, similar to regular gummies and candy, maybe why novice users prefer gummies over other CBD products. Except for the delightful taste, CBD gummies may offer a wide range of health benefits like relieving insomnia, anxiety, pain, etc. If you are a novice CBD user wanting to try CBD gummies, this article may help you have the best first experience.

·      CBD Gummies: How to Have the Best First Experience


·       Choose wisely

As a new CBD user, you must know that there is a wide range of variety when it comes to CBD gummies. Many brands have jumped on the bandwagon and started creating CBD supplements. Therefore, you can find CBD gummies in different sizes, shapes, flavors, colors, and doses; however, understanding different flavors is essential. Additionally, you must choose the potency of the CBD gummies carefully.

Also,  It’s better to consult a health professional before and then look for CBD gummies after having the doctor recommended potency. You can also read the detailed thc-o and its benefits for each brand you consider. Several brands also offer vegan and cruelty-free CBD gummies, so there’s something for every CBD user.

·       Dosage

Here’s the common mistake most novice CBD users make as The effects of CBD differ from person to person. Thus, you must know that there is no standard dosage for consuming CBD gummies. Do not take the exact dosage as your friends or other people. Bodyweight, tolerance, and health conditions play a crucial role in the effects of CBD, so it’s better to always start with small doses of CBD gummies as You can gradually increase the dosage later.

Being a novice user, it’s also better to observe and note down how your body reacts to the effects of CBD gummies. Doing so for the first few days will help you understand your ideal dosage. That way, you can have the most pleasant first-time experience with CBD gummies.

  • On-set time

The on-set time taken by the CBD gummies to start its effects may also vary for every individual. However, the standard time for CBD edibles to begin their impact is within 2 hours. Most people may not be aware of this and can make the mistake of taking more gummies as they don’t feel anything.

If it’s your first time, it’s better to wait until 2 hours after taking the first CBD gummy, and even then, if you don’t feel anything, you may take another since this is the safest and ideal way to have the safest consumption. Many users have noted the effects of CBD, and according to them, its effects may last between 2 to 6 hours. So, be careful with redosing, keeping the on-set time of CBD in mind before taking them.

·       Buy CBD gummies from trusted sellers

Here’s another crucial thing to remember for the best first-time CBD gummies experience. You must buy CBD gummies from renowned brands that follow all the guidelines set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). However, It is better to rely on CBD brands that have been in the business for a long time rather than going with some newbie ones. The key here is to remember to buy from trusted sellers/ stores to avoid counterfeit products.

Authentic CBD gummies would have the standard packaging with batch numbers and further details indicating their authenticity. Though, It’s better to look for such information before buying your products. The best place to buy CBD products online is the cannabis dispensaries in las vegas. These dispensaries offer a variety of products, like gummies and edibles.

·       Certificate of Analysis

The final thing to do before you buy and take CBD gummies is to look for COA (Certificate of analysis). It is a document for CBD and cannabis-derived products usually attesting to the lab analysis for cannabinoids. You can request the seller or the brand for a COA to ensure that the product is of high quality to evade any potential adverse effects from CBD usage.

Final Thoughts

Those are some tips that will help you find legitimate CBD gummies. Remember, CBD gummies may not be highly psychoactive but may contain less than 0.03% THC. So, feeling drowsy and super calm can be one of the effects you experience after taking it for the first time.

However, it’s better not to panic and stay calm, as it’s one of the common effects of CBD. Also, don’t forget to start with small doses of CBD gummies initially and later increase them accordingly. Hopefully, the article helps you have a pleasant first experience with CBD gummies.


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