The right time to harvest

Harvesting cannabis at the exact time ensures absolute efficacy and crop weight. Many cultivators breed too soon or too late, thus constraining the right time to harvest cannabis their final product of its full potential and value. Even a few days can make a difference in the efficacy of the final product.

Unfortunately for us impatient planters, harvesting at the right time is just as important as how you grow the plant. Harvest too soon and you lose efficacy and cannabis yields; too late and you can end up making a batch of sleep medicine.

Buds are prepared to harvest when hairs have blackened and curled in, demonstrating the solid bud underneath. Harvest buds on the early side for more of a psychoactive effect. If buds are enabled to proceed maturing, the white trichomes begin to turn golden. The enormous the number of amber trichomes, the more buds produce a “down” body effect. This bud with all-white trichomes has achieved a massive level of THC/CBD. Wait another week or two for trichome heads to turn golden for more of a comfortable effect.

We’re continuing for most of the white hairs to darken and curl in. A few of the pistils are beginning to turn color on the additional buds, but there are still too many white pistils. These buds have at least a limited week to go before they’ll reach their highest levels of THC. The favorable news is your buds will get bigger and denser in that time. 

Short Procedure at a glance

With this procedure, you glance at the epithelial stalked trichomes on the buds under a magnifying glass. Trichomes are the mushroom-looking developments in cannabis that are reliable for it being so popular. In some places, these trichomes are called resin glands. These trichomes are the ‘crystals’, or ‘frosty stuff’ you see acquiring on your bud. They are also what makes weed so sticky.

The trichomes you’re striving to see look like little mushrooms. You may also see tiny, clear hair-like trichomes without the mushroom head but these don’t affect efficacy so you can ignore them. You are enthusiastic about the trichomes that have a little ball on top. This is where a lot of the THC and other good stuff in cannabis are located. Since these trichomes are what endorse the most bud efficacy, being able to tell when they’ve gained their highest levels of THC will help you be able to select the precise right time to harvest your marijuana. 

Medical uses of Cannabis 

It is used as a diagnostics in cancer chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, appetite loss and cachexia in cancer and HIV patients, neuropathic and chronic pain, and spasticity in numerous sclerosis. Are cannabis or cannabinoids valuable in treating health conditions? The answer to this question is that yes of course they are. Drugs embodying cannabinoids may help treat certain rare forms of epilepsy, nausea, and vomiting correlated with cancer chemotherapy, loss of appetite, and weight loss associated with HIV/AIDS.

Cannabinoids have broad actions in the brain. They are very useful in the hippocampus. They also induce learning and memory. They act in the basal ganglia and modulate locomotor activity and reward pathways. Cannabis in the hypothalamus has a role in the control of appetite.


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