Are you new to the world of CS:GO gambling? Are all these bets and odds Greek to you? Then, you may ask for some guidance.

Starting off in CS:GO gambling may seem overwhelming. Beginners can lose their gambling budget in a second. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should take action. Start reading our brief guide down there.

Importance of CS:GO Esports Research

CS:GO gambling can’t exist without previous research. The information about CSGO upcoming matches, teams, and players should serve as the bases for your bets. For example, replacing a top player or hiring a new coach may have a direct impact on a match result. Even if the betting odds look great, the risk is still there.

To conduct research, you have a lot of resources to use. These can be esports new channels, statistics, esports community forums, and so on. Reading analytical articles from esports experts can also shed the light on the future match.

Dangers of Tilting in CS:GO Gambling

Before you place your first bet on CS:GO esports event, you should understand the risks. Even if you win several times in a row, you will still lose sooner or later. You may lose more than you earn. At this point, it’s important to stay away from tilting. This slang term is widely used in poker, where a player becomes confused and anxious after a series of losses. Tilting affects your ability to make rational decisions. As a result, you put yourself at risk of losing a lot of money.

What you can do in the situation when tilting starts taking over you? Take a breath, close a bookmaker’s platform, and come back tomorrow. Then, your chances to make more accurate bets will be considerably higher. Please mind that winners know when to stop.

Value of CS:GO Esports Streams

You don’t have to be a CS:GO player to enjoy your CS:GO gambling adventure. You just need a general knowledge of the game. For example, you can use HLTV to watch esports matches, from domestic to international. Make sure to follow particular games and take some notes while watching.

Steer Clear of Unknown Variables

Betting on a match that features two unknown teams sounds attractive. You may get some nice odds. As a beginner to CS:GO gambling, you should avoid unknown variables. Instead, you should focus on matches with specific teams in a particular esports tournament.

Pay attention to everything that surrounds an esports match, including the teams, the players, the coach, and recent statistics. Don’t try to be spontaneous. Bet on something you are familiar with. Otherwise, you may end up with huge losses.

Do you know some teams well in your country or city (Don’t confuse it with your favorite team or teams)? You can bet on them in domestic tournaments, which will give you a solid advantage.

CS:GO Updates from Valve

Valve is known for keeping its followers excited. So CS:GO updates aren’t a rare thing in the esports community. Some of them just fix a few bugs, while others change weapons and maps completely.

To benefit from a CS:GO update, you should devote a great amount of time to research. For example, Team A has a great win/loss ratio and they’ve been choosing it for months. But the recent updates to the map will most likely make Team A weaker.

Although CS:GO updates are meant to be something good, they often bring a lot of “surprises”. CS:GO betting opportunities are put at risk. Well, it will definitely take some time for TEAM A to get used to a new map.

What you can do is to keep an eye on the social media of tournament organizers. Some of them may use a previous version of the game, while others grab a new update straight away.

The Best CS:GO Betting Sites

Last but not least is the choice of a bookmaker. It must be well-reputed yet well-secure for long-term use. The market is overwhelmed with gambling sites, so it’s getting hard to keep the situation under control. In this context, it is important to make the right choice. Don’t rush with it. Take your time.

While searching for the most suitable betting site for CS:GO fans, you should look at various factors – odds, payment methods, bonuses, customer support, etc. Based on the collected information, you will recognize the bookmaker that you might work with.


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