Betting tips at (Part 1)

Despite being primarily an online betting operator, VN88 has evolved to be one of the most well-known betting companies, including over 30 million active consumers worldwide.

The prestige of VN88

VN88 has won several industry accolades, and they support a wide range of significant athletic events and professional teams, including Stoke City, an UK football team that usually competed in the EPL.


The size of the VN88’s sports and gambling markets, including a major basketball platform, is one of its main lures.

On Quora website, there is many flourishing conversations around VN88 prestige and have they cheated on their customers before?

As can be seen from previous posts, the subject of “scams and cheating” comes up from time to time, but in this report, we’ll explain why players should entrust this bookmaker.

What did you hear about VN88 bookie?

Because they created their own software, players will find VN88 application and platform to be very user-friendly. Regardless of whether you’re a sports bettor or a casual casino player, VN88 will provide you a lot of advantages over other fiercing competitors.

Basketball, tennis, and golf are some kind of VN88 available sports and all of them are listed according to the alphabet in the main website. On the other hand, as you would expect, VN88 Vietnam is largely focused on football. So, VN88 sports enthusiasts can benefit from carefully planned incentives and promotional programs, in addition to a large range of tournaments and events with fantastic odds.

A casino option is also available if you want to try something new. When you’re waiting for the upcoming athletic event to start, you may pass the time by playing poker or test your luck with the roulette table.

We also highly suggest the VN88 real casino where genuine dealers and bartenders are streamed directly to your personal device, if you prefer a game that feels as close to a real casino as much.

Several governmental agencies have completely authorized and supervised VN88. Our website, which is safeguarded by the most innovative security methods, is the safest locations to gamble in Vietnam.

So, is VN8 really a scam?

Despite our location outside of Vietnam’s territory, we are pleased to inform you that VN88 is always on players’ side and definitely not a scam.

The VN Gambling Commission, among the world’s most stringent sports gambling regulatory bodies, has granted us a permanent license. They are also a partner of the Global Betting Accountability Association, indicating their commitment to providing good service to all clients.


Every payment that was made at VN88 is totally safe, and the monies are kept in a foreign bank account outside its operating bank. As a result, customers may always transfer their funds with confidence.


Over the last two decades, VN88 has grown from zero to a company with billions of dollars in annual revenue and hundreds of employees worldwide. It would be impossible for a reputable company to get up with such widespread deception.

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