Custom wheels have a separate fan base altogether. These are tailor-made rims and are relatively more expensive than most branded aftermarket products.  That is because manufacturing a set of unique rims for a specific vehicle, regardless of the make and model, is pretty tough and it obviously involves a more expensive process.

Unlike OEMs or aftermarket rims which are sold in batches and manufactured keeping a whole section of vehicles in mind, customized or individualized wheels are designed from scratch to be complete one-offs.

These made-to-order rims have a significant presence in the US aftermarket scene. People who own premium sedans or SUVs (or even vintage cars, collectibles) will not fuss too much over the price tag. This is a very profitable niche and equally challenging. Only the biggest brands thrive in the fiercely competitive premium custom wheels market.

Names like Forgiato, Savini, Lexani, Vossen, and BBS are a few of the most premier brands in this creamy layer.

There’s a common query that many clients grapple with: with the quality of OE rims rising each year, does it actually make sense to go for custom rims?

While the ultimate purchase decision is subjective, here are a few advantages of going for custom wheels.

Why are custom wheels always in season?

Of the several reasons why people opt to ditch their OE rims (the factory-fitted ones) and go for customized wheels, the 4 principal points are as follows:

  1. Enhanced aesthetics: People often feel that the factory-fitments are not nearly as attractive as the vehicle they drive. This is especially true for certain sportscars and supercars; the default rims don’t do justice to the car’s looks and posture.

If you drive a later-generation Camaro or a Corvette, you will want added style. And only high-quality custom wheels can provide you with that.

The same logic also stands if you own an extremely rare & expensive car like the Ferrari 250 GTO or the McLaren F1 LM. Even some early Jeeps are highly sought after.

  1. Increase in performance: Since you are using a set of rims designed specifically to suit your vehicle, the performance aspects will be much higher. Braking will improve, you can add customized TPMS kits, change parts of the suspension or get a lift.

Custom wheels also provide better ventilation. Your car’s most crucial parts will not suffer from heat damage.

  1. Better resale value: One-of-a-kind rims are always an added perk that increases your car’s resale price. While the hike in the resale price tag might not be eye-popping, it certainly will be more than you would expect!
  2. Increased safety: When you place an order with Savini or AC or Azad Wheels for a one-off set, the manufacturer will take into account each aspect of your vehicle, terrain, your driving habits, traffic conditions and other factors. The overall result is a safer set of highly personalized rims.

Which are the top 3 bestselling custom wheels?

Feel free to go for any of the following models.

  1. Staggered Azad Wheels AZ911: The 22-inch staggered AZ911 is a stunner that will turn heads everywhere! This is a true directional rim that comes in a rose-gold finish with chrome lips. You can tweak it in several ways- starting with the finish and going forth on the technical aspects like lug spacing, lip design and machining, an overhaul of the façade besides the offset.

The AZ911 is a pretty expensive model and is not available very easily. Should you want a set of these magnificent rims, you can probably connect with the most prestigious retailers in your vicinity.

  1. Staggered AC Wheels AC-01: Another looker, the AC-01 is one of the most impressive custom wheels currently available. It is the flagship model of AC Wheels, a major aftermarket player. The 20-inch variant in a classy black with catchy lime green innards is the most popular of the company’s custom range.

The 20-inch staggered rim is known for durability and versatility. It has been used on a laundry list of premium cars including the Mercedes Maybach and the stretch S-Class beauties, the Corvette C-8, BMW’s sedans, and sportscars from Ferrari and Lamborghini.

AC Wheels has ensured that the lime green-glossy black combo doesn’t look too OTT; the proportion is just perfect. And the 20-inch model gives you enough space to experiment with aftermarket TPMS and braking systems too.

  1. Savini Forged ACM1: This is a forged rim meaning it is inherently more durable and able to absorb off-road damage than most other rims, especially cast aluminum ones. Savini is a big-league brand and the ACM1 comes in a black machined finish that will suit and any vehicle and add an extra layer of pizzazz.

The 22-inch Savini ACM1 is the fastest-selling blank rim currently. A blank rim gives you the most space for customizations. You can ask for any and all changes; from the offset to the lug nut numbers (and their spacing) to lip and spoke designs. Most clients want machined central faces and that is easily arranged.

Speaking of machining, you can also personalize it to suit your personality and your ride. The forged ACM1 comes in a default glossy black finish, but that can be altered to an extent.

Do remember that this set of custom wheels may take up to a month to be completed and delivered.

Cool! Where do I get these models?

You’ll probably get all 3 (and a lot more options from Artis, LA Wire, and Giovanna Wheels) at established retail outlets near you. If that does not work out, we recommend contacting outlets like AudioCity USA of Santa Fe Springs, California.

This facility has been active for around 35 years now and specializes in custom wheels.

Or, you can place your order/s directly with the company’s website.


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