When it comes to getting the large products that you need or shipping out your products in bulk, dry van shipping is always a great option. As explained by the experts at Hale Trailer, “Dry van trailers are the most common types of trailers in the freight transportation industry. These trailers are enclosed and protected from the elements, making them the perfect option for transporting valuable or sensitive cargo.”

Dry Van vs. Other Options

Dry vans are what most people think of when they picture the transportation of products. These are the traditional back ends of semi-trucks. They’re just enclosed trailers that keep your items safe from moisture damage and roadway debris. Some other types of shipping options include reefer trailers and flatbed trucks. Reefer trailers are temperature-controlled and come at a premium cost. Flatbed trucks, on the other hand, offer more space for oversized items than reefer trailers or dry vans. However, flatbeds are completely exposed to the elements and any roadway debris.

Dry Van Sizing Options

There are three main sizes of dry vans that manufacturers, general contractors, and other professionals use to ship and receive products. The first and most popular are the 53-foot trailers. These can accommodate up to 45,000 pounds of freight. A 53-foot trailer can handle 26 standard pallets across their floor space. Referred to as a “pup” trailer, 28 ft trailers accommodate less space. They can handle 14 standard pallets across their floor space and up to 22,500 pounds of freight. The third dry van dimension is referred to as a straight truck or box truck. These are typically used in cities and have a lift gate for ease of unloading and loading.

Benefits of Dry Van Shipping

Probably the most crucial reason that dry van shipping is so popular in today’s environment is that it allows for so much versatility. Dry vans can move machinery, clothing, food, furniture, and even electronics. It helps you move a variety of different items all at the same time as long as you have enough space within the dry van unit.

Another great benefit of dry van shipping over other options is that the merchandise is protected. Since dry van trailers are enclosed on all sides, there is no worry about weather damage or roadway hazards like rocks or stones getting thrown into the cargo. Additionally, since these units are completely enclosed, they can be locked to prevent cargo theft.

When you ship using a dry van, they have relatively flat and affordable rates. You won’t need to get any required service extras or have special operation instructions that come at a premium. Dry vans provide very affordable shipping for most businesses. You can even check out used dry van trailers for sale if you do a lot of deliveries within a local area or city.

If your business is constantly shipping out products or receiving products from manufacturers, you want to pay close attention to your shipping options. Dry vans are one of the most economical ways to ship items safely without having to pay a premium price.


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