Files You Can and Cannot Recover: The Myth Behind iPhone Data Recovery
Files You Can and Cannot Recover: The Myth Behind iPhone Data Recovery

There are a plethora of tools that claim to perform iPhone Data Recovery. Most of the tools can recover lost data due to water damage, accidental deletion, broken device loss, etc. Besides, they can also recover selective iPhone data from iCloud, internal memory, and iTunes.

But do any of these tools actually function appropriately and live up to the user’s expectations? Well, the answer is complex, and that is why we’re here to reveal certain things through this article. Let’s dig deeper and find out the myth behind iPhone data recovery.

iPhone Damaged Through Water

You will come across certain iOS recovery tools that claim to recover lost data if the iPhone is water damaged. In other words, it boldly claims to recover data even if the device doesn’t power on. Even though the users expect that they can magically extract information without the device being powered on, they’re potentially wrong.

In reality, nothing of this sort is going to happen. However, a specialized data recovery lab can temporarily try to revive the water-damaged iPhone. And Only then can they run a quick copy of the data that is stored within your device. Also, remember that no such end-user software can recover your data from a non-functional phone.

But, the apprehended claims are also not completely wrong. This is because iCloud storage enables you to download all your backed-up information. Also, for doing this, you will not have the need to use any third-party tools. So all you need to do is log in to your Apple account with your valid credentials, and then you’re good to go.

Broken iPhone

If your iPhone doesn’t power on, there’s no such difference from the point of data recovery. And when your iPhone has a broken screen, you cannot unlock it as you won’t be able to enter the passcode. But quite surprisingly, the data can be recovered efficiently from such devices in certain cases.

This is possible only if your iPhone opens with face recognition or touch ID. Also, your phone data can be recovered if your phone was previously trusted on your computer. But if either way doesn’t work, replacing your display is likely to be your ideal resource.

Unintentionally Deleted Data

This is probably true that recovering deleted data is quite ambiguous. Since users expect the ability to recover deleted files, that’s not quite the case here. For iPhone users, all the files stored within their phones are encrypted. Further, the file system employs file-based encryption with separate and unique encryption keys for every file.

To Conclude

While there are many ambiguous claims, it’s difficult to find trustworthy iOS data recovery tools. Besides, understanding the operations and the basic principles for matching up to one’s expectations is also quite a challenge. In fact, the majority of the recovery tools are entirely based on the backup mechanism of iTunes and iOS. And last but not least, a few tools can be used for obtaining synchronized information from iCloud backups.


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