As we seek diverse people with stories that shock us to our very core, We all love celebrities and what they have achieved in their lives. However, the bottom line is that they, like everyone else, may face difficulties too. Likewise, Jonathan Van Ness, who is a famous hairstylist, podcast host, and a great television personality, is suffering from HIV.

Jonathan came out in an interview where he said he had been diagnosed with HIV. Later, he became an icon for HIV positives who were living with stress. He wanted people to know about his life with HIV. In fact, he suggested that HIV is treatable just like diabetes.

When he asked about having HIV,

“The treatment has come so far. It could be treatable and totally manageable, much in the way that diabetes is. You just need to make sure that you have access to healthcare. So that’s all. “

In a September 2019 interview with the New York Times, Van Ness discusses being diagnosed with HIV at the age of 25.

Furthermore, he said that living with HIV means you should pass every moment and let it go and move on. Otherwise, those who are living with chronic diseases will suffer more from depression than from the disease itself.

Many other celebrities are suffering from the same disease. Even though they are all living their lives, Like Van Ness said, HIV needs to be maintained just like diabetes.

So for those people who think their end of life is near just because they have been diagnosed with HIV, then they should at least need to read more about Van Ness. The way he sustained everything with HIV is terrific example for others.

Start living your life:

Even though people like Van Ness are public figures, they are living with HIV with great positivity. If you have faced hate around you after being diagnosed with HIV, then you should face them. Hiding from them will do you nothing but sabotage you mentally. So just come out and start living your normal life.

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What you need if you are HIV positve:

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