Trying to espalier fruit trees is a great way to take your gardening skills to the next level. After all, they make your garden look aesthetically pleasing since they’re trained to grow on your garden’s fences or walls. Moreover, they’re also grown at lower levels, allowing you to harvest their fruit quickly compared to standard fruit trees.

But as expected, caring for an espalier fruit tree requires more effort than your average fruit tree. And if you’re unsure how to care for your espalier fruit tree, here’s a helpful guide to help you get started below.

Prune Your Espalier Fruit Tree Every Month 

Pruning your fruit tree twice every month is essential in maintaining its beautiful shape. You can do this by getting rid of the longer branches that are spreading out of your tree’s shape. Of course, don’t forget to leave several buds from the cuts you made. That way, the fruit will bear closer to the tree’s branches.

Furthermore, make sure to use clean shears when pruning your trees. Using clean shears ensures you don’t infect your trees with any diseases.

Water Your Espalier Fruit Tree as Needed

If it’s rainy season in your area, you don’t have to water your fruit trees as much anymore. Besides, they only require a bucket of water per week. However, if your area does not receive a lot of rain and is very dry, you should water your plants every two to three days to provide them with the moisture they need.

Make Sure to Purchase Fruit Trees from a Reliable Fruit Tree Nursery 

Although knowing how to care for your fruit trees is one way to prolong your tree’s lifespan, the fruit tree nursery also plays a role in the overall health of your chosen fruit tree. If a fruit tree is cared for by a reputed and experienced nursery, you can guarantee that it’ll grow healthy and last for a long time.

With that said, if you’re looking for healthy espalier fruit trees for your garden, you can find ones at Chris Bowers & Sons ( After all, they’re known for selling a wide variety of fruit trees grown from scratch and adequately cared for. That said, you can ensure that any fruit tree you purchase from this shop will grow well in your lovely garden.

Final Takeaways 

Growing espalier fruit trees is a great way to supply your home with delicious fruit. At the same time, doing this also keeps your garden beautifully decorated. And by following the steps above to care for these fruit trees, you can ensure that your garden will have stunning, healthy trees that’ll continue bearing fruit for more extended periods.


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