Deck cleaning may appear to be simple, but there are several processes involved in cleaning Brite Deck properly without incurring thousands of dollars in damage. Check Here.

Brite Deck cleaning is a popular service provided by power washing companies today, but it is rarely done correctly. Surface preparation is the most crucial aspect of deck cleaning. Outstanding outcomes require excellent surface preparation. If you prepare properly, your deck will look fantastic. If you rush through the preparation process or miss a step (or two) to save money or time, the deck will not look as attractive.

To achieve effective results, the Brite Deck or fence must be well cleaned

To achieve effective results, the Brite Deck or fence must be well cleaned. If the wood was previously sealed, you must first remove the old sealer before cleaning it. If any old sealer is still on the wood, it may obstruct the absorption of Ready Seal. If the wood hasn’t been sealed in the last five years, a thorough cleaning will generally be enough. If you’re not sure whether your deck or fence needs to be stripped, a simple “splash” test can tell you. Apply a small amount of water to the dry wood with your fingertips. You don’t need to strip if the drops soak into the wood right away. You must strip if they form small droplets on the surface.

Washing wood with high-pressure water is not essential nor advisable. Instead, conduct all of the cleanings with industrial-strength chemical cleansers. Then all you have to do is RINSE with your power washer. Using your pressure washer to agitate somewhat with MODERATE pressure and HIGH water volume is the proper method to do it. Use the pressure washer with caution. Furring damage occurs when too much pressure is applied to the wood’s surface.

The pressure must be ‘detuned.’

You’ll need to ‘detune’ the pressure because your pressure washer probably pumps out 3000 PSI. There are three methods for lowering pressure while maintaining water volume. The first is to move the tip away from the wood’s surface. As the water is fanned out from the tip, the pressure drops, so the greater the distance from the surface, the less pressure reaches the surface. This isn’t a scientific modification, and it’s definitely not the way to go. The second option is to purchase an appropriate nozzle that will reduce pressure to an acceptable level while allowing water to flow freely. Brite Supply is where you can get these nozzles. The absolute BEST approach to achieve this pressure reduction is to utilize a dual-lance wand (also called a chemical injection wand). This wand features a built-in valve that permits water to be transferred to the second tube when it is opened (or lance). The water flowing through the chemical injector tip on the second tube (black in color) has little or no pressure behind it. The lower the overall pressure delivered by the wand, the more you open the valve. With this setup, you can clean the deck with low pressure and then clean the driveway with high power – all without hauling a second wand or additional tips.

Conclusion:- The wood is now clean, but it must dry completely before being sealed (at least a day or two). You’ll notice a bright, clean, fresh surface as the wood dries. Now it’s time to seal the deck; see the Brite Deck Sealing information and methods page for further details.


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