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Finding the best disability lawyer is a daunting task. Since there are hundreds of choices available, the process is quite overwhelming. Fret not, as we have got you covered! In this article, we have jotted down major tips to find the right disability lawyer. So, here we go! 

Tips to find the best disability lawyer 

1. Ask people for recommendations 

Choosing a disability lawyer after taking recommendations from your friends and family is a great idea. Ask your loved ones if they have worked with any disability lawyer in the past. If yes, how was their experience? If they have some positive reviews, you can go ahead with them. You must also ask your medical team, as they may have a referral agreement or partnership with attorneys.  

2. Read online reviews 

Looking for the best disability lawyer? You must read online reviews and ratings to find the best pick. Go through law firms websites and check out all testimonials and success stories of a disability lawyer. Based on your research, you can make a decision. Look for both positive and negative feedback from past clients. 

3. Check attorney referrals 

Attorney referral services are a great way to learn more about different legal experts. A number of services, such as Lawyer Legion, thoroughly vet every lawyer they list.

4. Ask multiple questions 

Another important tip that you must follow while hiring a good disability lawyer is to ask them multiple questions, which will help you to build an understanding. Here are some must-ask questions: 

  • Are you a Social Security disability attorney with a license?
  • Are Social Security disability claims your area of expertise?
  • Have you dealt with cases or medical issues comparable to these before?
  • What percentage of you get approved?
  • What are the odds that I will be accepted?
  • Will you assist me in obtaining the necessary evidence and medical records?
  • How will the case be discussed before the hearing?
  • Exist any out-of-pocket costs?
  • How does your system of fees operate?
  • Do you have a team of experts working for you? 

5. Prioritize attorney’s experience 

When hiring a good disability lawyer, you must check out their experience. You do not want to handle your case to a fresher. It is always better to choose an experienced professional as they will handle the case in a better way. During the consultation, ask about their experience for transparency. 

Wrapping Up 

Finding a reliable disability lawyer is a hectic task. By following our top 5 tips, you can simplify this complex process easily. 


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