The Key To Making Money From The Online Soccer Betting Market
The Key To Making Money From The Online Soccer Betting Market

To make money from the online soccer betting market, you need to have a clear plan and betting method. The Martingale System is such a method. Join our betting guide on 20Bet login to learn about it in the article below.

The Martingale System, also known as the double bet, is one of the oldest betting strategies believed to have originated in France in the 18th century. The name of this method is named after a French casino owner. Mr. Henry Martingale, who actively promoted this method to his players, The casino owner introduces effective gambling methods to customers, which sounds very enlightening. How effective is this folding method? Can this method be applied to profit from the online soccer betting market? The answer will be in the next section.

Instructions for betting using the Martingale System method

First of all, it should be said that the folding method is mainly applied by professional bettors when playing long-term betting (the whole football season) and often betting on a draw for a certain team. The reason is that the draw rate is often quite high, and based on statistics, about 30% of matches end in a draw. Teams that suit this method are usually teams that, at the end of the season, have a position on the rankings that are likely to participate in the Europa League. These are not strong teams but are not in the bottom half of the rankings.

Next will be a betting guide with specific steps to implement the Martingale System method. To help you access it in the easiest way, we will give the following example:

Choose the first bet amount: $100.

  • Bet level 1: Bet $100

The key to making money from the online soccer betting market

– If you win this time, you continue to bet the next time at $100 and continue to use the $100 bet until you lose.

– In case you lose $50, please raise your bet to the second level.

  • Bet Level 2:

– If you bet $200, that means you double it: $100 + $100 = $200.

– If you win this time, you bet again on level 1 which is $100. If bet level 2 still loses, you move up to bet level 3.

  • Bet Level 3:

– Similar to the second bet, you double the previous bet amount. The second time you bet $200, this time you will bet $400.

– Similarly, if you win this time, you bet level 1 again, which is $100.

If the third bet loses, you continue to raise the bet to the next level: $800. The cycle continues like that.

Note: You must have a stable source of capital, because if your capital is not guaranteed, you will not be able to maintain the betting round when betting at high levels, at which point you will lose both capital and profit. Therefore, you must know how to manage your capital well when using this method.

Notes when using the Martingale System method

In general, if you follow the strategy well and have a large enough capital, you will definitely make money from the online soccer betting market thanks to our Martingale System method. However, this is also a note for you: you must always have enough capital. If this requirement is not met, the Martingale System method will become a harmful method for you. It can completely cause you to lose all your capital before you can reach the winning milestone.

So remember the rule that the first bet amount must only be less than or equal to 1/20 of the capital you have. This number will allow you to lose your bet at least five times before winning. This is a safe enough distance. However, if you still find that it is not a sufficient number to trust, you can adjust it yourself accordingly, but remember to never exceed the mark of 1/20 of the capital in the first bet. Finally, I wish you luck and success in your entertainment.


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