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Just like the rest of the facets of our life, our life can also become stale. May be it’s due to the monotony of the relationship, or there is family drama, work problems or plain old boring   routine that has put you and your partner off  .

However, plays an important role in your mental and physical health. It also has implications for your relationship as well.

Trying to improve your   life is also not that a tedious task. People conjure weird scenarios in their minds to spice up their   life, that may make them aversive to the task. However, the solution is not all that difficult.

Of course, if you have  ual dysfunction, or similar problems that may be behind this problem, then you should seek the help of your sexologist in Lahore.

Boosting your   life, naturally

You do not have to cook a witch’s stew or something equally daunting for to reclaim your   life. Here are some things that you can do improve your relationship:

Catch the Zzzz

Not having quality sleep has grave implications for your body. It increases the risk of chronic ailments and puts you off  .

Therefore, make sure to get adequate shuteye. Adults need around 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

Calm your mind

We are in habit of multitasking. Our mind runs in a million different directions, all at once. , which may also then happen during  . And rather than concentrating at the task at hand, you then might be off in your mind, making your to-do list.

To prevent this lack of concentration that makes for lukewarm  , you should practice mindfulness. This technique helps you be more present in the moment. When you are then concentrating on your pleasure and body during  , it naturally becomes more enjoyable. And you want more of it then!

Keeping your calm and supporting your brain health with Onnit Alpha Brain will be plus one and complimentary for the overall health. Improving your memory and mental processing speed will ultimately help you focus on all the important things.


  is an emotional and physical experience. Therefore, you need to be in shape to have good  . If you are huffing and puffing through it, you are very unlikely to enjoy it.

Hence, make sure you get adequate exercise. It also helps in destressing, so your mental health benefits from it as well. 

Know what you like

One of the reasons why you are not wanting to have   is because it is not very pleasurable for you. The onus is not entirely on your partner, you need to guide them as well. And you can only guide them when you yourself know what’s turning you on.

Hence, be better attuned to your body and its signals. Explore into different positions and learn each other’s quirks.

Put it on the list

  will only become a priority if you make it out to be. Pen it down it you have to, put it on your schedule, ask Siri to set a reminder, do what you should to have   regularly. Try to add some relaxation time before it so you enjoy it better.


When you are too wound up from work or worries, you are not then in the mood to have  . Since there is no end to the worldly affairs and problems, you should then work on managing your stress and anxieties better.

Learn breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques to help you through this time. When your mood is better, you will also then want to have  .

Get help

Problems like erectile dysfunction can set in any time in life but are more common in older men. Many then start to feel embarrassed about it, and rather than becoming uncomfortable, they simply put   off the table.

However, this unhealthy approach of denial is neither good for you, nor for your partner. You should instead consult your sexologist in Hameed Latif Hospital for help, rather than suffering in vain.


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