It’s a scams that are like other scam websites such as Paypermails, Fmptr and so on, but without genuine products or a real source of income that can generate income.

What exactly is the business’s model?

They claim that they will pay $500 to sign to their website. They also promise to pay $100 to read a message on their site. What amazing deals they’re making aren’t they? It would be had they had the intention of paying but they’re only making more announcement to draw attention to themselves and not doing anything other than that. They are unable to pay this huge amounts even if they would like to, because no legitimate business that is legally operating and paying could make this much money from any legitimate businesses and provide an incredibly high rate of return, and that’s not just for the simple task of a.

What is the reason a fraudulent company?

The first thing to note is that it is registered privately, concealing the owner’s information and the address of their company. This evidence is quite evident that they’re concealing their identity to ensure that nobody can recognize them after they’ve swindled victims. Legal companies don’t conceal their identity from the public since they aren’t afraid of being spotted or being caught. Therefore, the proprietor of this business has the goal of deceiving customers with money and close the business upon the completion of their mission.

Furthermore, it has not made any payment to affiliates in any way. The methods used to scam their clients is the same. Their claims for payment are fake and not valid. There are a lot of complaints against this company on the forums about their fraudulent deals and defaulting instances. Instead of receiving a payments from the company following having reached the cash-out limit affiliates are required to update their bank accounts so that they can receive payment. If they upgrade their accounts following the payment of the money out of their pocket the company does not receive any money.

They are also not afraid to offer their customers’ personal data to other parties to earn money. This includes information about the email address of their members and credit card details as well as the details of their payment processor accounts and so on. They sell email addresses to companies that market their products and services and these companies utilize their email addresses in a different way i.e. sending out a series of emails to promote the promotion of their goods and services promotion. They also sell personal information to others who design fake passports or citizenships under their names and then use their information to carry out illegal work.

What is the last word?

The factors mentioned above regarding Aglocoptr are clear evidence of the fact that it’s a fraud company created with the intention to defraud people.

What we’d like to recommend is that we learn a few basic facts about the company prior to accepting them as our online income, including the name of the business’s owner and their WHOIS information as well as their payment method and their actual products, the source of their income, their mode of business and market response, etc. Newbies who are the easiest target should be more aware of their choices for online jobs.

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