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It is an art to get a higher rank in Google searches. With the increase in internet usage and growth of online businesses, it is very important to assess the Google ranking of your page. As per the statistics, approximately 87 billion visits get recorded on Google every day. Therefore, ranking your page high on Google remains a challenging task. 

To keep your rank high on Google searches, you need to first know how the algorithm of Google works. You must keep up with the latest search engine optimization methods, and if you can’t do it on your own, take help from the sigma bot. It takes a lot of time for SEO to show results; however, it is a great way to increase the Google ranking of your page organically and without any extra charges. So if you want your page to get a higher rank in the Google searches, follow these tips. 

Know Your Current Ranking

Before you start optimizing your page with SEO, it is important that you know where your page stands in the google ranking and how much work is to be done on it. This can be followed by every site owner, whether you are a newbie or an experienced one. There are various apps and tools available on the internet which can help you find the current ranking of the page. 

Moreover, you should keep a check on the loading speed of your page too. The loading speed of these pages affects their ranking on Google searches. If your page takes time to load and is slower than other pages, then there is a chance that it will not have a high position on Google searches. Therefore, before using SEO or modifying the title tags and meta descriptions for better ranking, run a speed test and see what’s the present Google ranking of your page. 

Focus On Bounce Rate Reduction

Bounce rate is an important parameter that tells you how your page is performing. It is the percentage of visitors on your webpage who visits and leaves the page after completing one session. It also refers to those visitors who do not necessarily perform any actions like filling out a form, buying any product, or even not clicking on any links. This coming and exiting of a visitor on the webpage are known as the bounce rate. 

Google searches are highly affected by these things. In order to reduce the bounce rate of your webpage, you must focus on the content that you provide. If you offer relevant information on the webpage, then visitors will tend to stay longer. Therefore, focus on your content more if you seek to make visitors stay longer. 

Track And Monitor The Traffic

If you want to generate maximum traffic on your page, you can follow the organic search methods. Organic traffic constitutes the majority of traffic that comes along with any other non-organic traffic, such as from social media or sponsored ads. However, the increase in social media ads, promotional ads, and email marketing campaigns has driven a large amount of traffic. To know the present traffic on your site, you can check the Google Analytics acquisition channel report. 

Pay Attention To The Keywords

Keywords are used to generate high traffic on your webpage and are worth paying attention to. Therefore, you must focus on the right kind of keyword and increase its frequency in the article. Other than this, you must also understand the basics of commercial and informational keywords and especially their distinction. This will help you improve your web page’s ranking.  

While using the keyword, add a catchy prefix or suffix such as buy, review, discount, deal, order, etc., and add a URL to them. Moreover, keywords are highly beneficial when used in the meta description or title of a webpage. So, you should pay great attention to the keywords to improve the traffic on your webpage.

Make Your Page Mobile-Friendly 

As per the statistic, it is found that almost half of the traffic comes through mobile devices. This indicates that most audiences prefer mobile-friendly pages. So, if you want to rank high on Google searches, ensure that our page is mobile-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface. This will drive traffic from all age groups of people on your page. 

There are issues users face, like not being able to load some sections of the page on their phone, so it is better to look into this issue for a user-friendly experience. Ensure the errors like redirection errors are not appearing on your page. Improving your mobile site will surely help you drive a lot of traffic to your website.

These are the tips and tricks that you can use to rank higher on Google searches. Do not forget to produce good content with backlinks to improve your credibility and also keep a check on the speed of your page and constantly work on lowering the bounce rates.


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