Whilst most of us love being outdoors and having fun in the sun, it has been even more relevant because of the recent pandemic. Experts believe, for instance, that viruses and bacteria have less chance of spreading when we are outdoors, so the gathering of crowds in outdoor places has been highly encouraged – even now. Besides, for many of us, it’s more fun being outside, breathing in the fresh air, and savouring the breeze! But if you are planning to host an event outdoors, it’s another matter. It’s true that many events are better outside than inside, but there are more than a few considerations you have to think about. So how can you plan the perfect outdoor event? Let’s find out. 

Don’t forget to have a plan B

No matter how much you want to hold your event outdoors – anyway, it’s been hot enough to fry an egg outside! – it still pays to have a plan B. In other words, it never fails to have a backup – rain is pretty common in our neck of the woods, and even if you have some attractions outside, you should also plan to have the main event inside. Or you can decide to be flexible – instead of having your event in the afternoon, you can have it in the morning or schedule it on another day. 

Choose your location wisely 

It may also be best for your event if you choose your location wisely. Perhaps you can select a location with both an indoor and outdoor venue. Some examples include an amphitheatre, a chalet, or an auditorium. As long as there is a place where your guests and attendees can stay dry, that is good. Better yet, choose a location where you can set up a tent – where you will hold most of the main activities, so you’re good to go even if the weather turns sour. When you think about it, a tent is perfect for a fairground or funfair event – you can have the rides set up outdoors and the booths and stalls indoors, and it’s easy to tell your fairground hire partner to set it up nicely for your event.

Set up a hydration station 

Another thing you can do to help your guests and attendees through the hot weather is set up a hydration station or two. To avoid littering, have refill stations instead of handing out water bottles, and if you are having an event with a swag or loot bag, include a water bottle inside the bag as one of the ‘loot.’

Remind your attendees to be prepared 

Of course, you can always ask your attendees and guests to be prepared – especially if you are having your event during a season of transition, for example, from spring to summer or autumn to winter. So remind everyone to bring a jacket or jumper, a hat, boots and an additional pair of socks, mittens, and the like. Tell them to bring a plastic bag, too – so they can put their clothing there in case there’s a sudden downpour. 

Always have an emergency kit 

Don’t forget to have first aid or emergency kits, and prepare them with the usual plus some extra mosquito repellent, umbrellas, ponchos, and insect bite medicine.  

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