It is with our hearts heavy that we share the sad news of the death of the former Valley High School and UA head of the football team assistant Greg Patrick. Greg Patrick had a successful career with Valley Christian, Mountain Pointe, Chaparral, Horizon and North as an offensive coordinator. Read on for more details about him.

Who was Greg Patrick?

Patrick was an enthusiastic and dedicated coach who spent his time and energy helping his players on the football field. He was part of the UA staff for two seasons (2019-2020) under the former director of the team Kevin Sumlin. In his first season being hired, he worked in the role of a defensive analyst. He was briefly elevated into defensive line coach after Sumlin dismissed Iona Uiagalelei.

While Greg’s time working for the UA were short but his influence on the field is felt in the classroom for many years to be. His love for coaching was not limited to teaching techniques and he emphasized helping young players prepare for their futures by sharing his knowledge of football strategies with them. He also became interested in their lives as individuals by taking time off of training to ask players regarding their academic progress, or to have discussions about life outside of football.

In addition to guiding students during practice time, Patrick was known for taking time off after class to build relationships with his students over a cup of coffee or dinner. His dedication to this earned him the respect of the players of the present and past who will remember him as an exemplary father figure who was concerned greatly about their health and well-being in and out of the field.

The Legacy of Greg Patrick

Greg Patrick leaves behind an amazing legacy that will carry through the people who he worked with as coach. The experiences of former students are proof of this, as they recount the way he took care to connect with every player, regardless of the their position or how gifted in their athletic abilities. He believed that all people was worthy of respect, no matter their talent or level of experience, which led to him being a favorite among teams which he coached at every level, from youth leagues all the way to colleges athletics at UA. Although we grieve his passing we know that his influence will be felt by those whom he mentored and inspired during his time as a teacher and mentor in Arizona football teams.

How did Greg Patrick die? What caused his the death?

On Sunday, we mourned the loss of the former Valley High School and UA Assistant football coach Greg Patrick. His commitment to his job earned him plenty of respect from the players of today and those who played before him who will remember him fondly for being a dad figure who was concerned in their health on and off the field. The cause of his death is not been revealed at the moment. Greg Patrick leaves behind an amazing legacy that will live throughout the lives of all those whom he touched throughout his life.

Greg Patrick Obituary

Greg Patrick was an exceptional role model, whose enthusiasm for coaching was unmatched. Through his dedication and hard work throughout the school as well as on the field Coach Patrick made lasting connections with the people around him–students friends, family members, and colleagues that were unique and special. We are extremely saddened by the news of his passing, however we are thankful for everything we have learned from him throughout our lives, including lessons in sportsmanship and leadership abilities, as well as life lessons that inspire us even beyond the football fields in Arizona communities! Greg Patrick’s legacy is sure to continue to be passed on to generations of footballers who were inspired by Greg Patrick!


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