Whether it’s business performance, sales, or any important parameters, dashboards offer key persons and decision makers data reports and help to take data-informed decisions.

Power BI dashboard examples are one of the most popular ways to represent your data and get it in front of users https://cobit-solutions.com/en/4-osnovnyh-otcheta-dlja-biznesa-v-power-bi-2/ . These dashboards are highly interactive and keep updating as the underlying data changes.


Data visualizations are a crucial part of a good Power BI dashboard, especially for those with complex data sets. They are important because they communicate information effectively, enabling users to make informed decisions.

Whether you are creating visualizations for an executive board or a call center agent, it’s important to consider how familiar your target audience is with the information being presented. This will help you design your visualization in a way that makes sense to them.

For example, a bar chart is often used when a variable takes multiple values and has a qualitative nature. It’s also a popular choice when showing how different variables relate to each other.

The managers and directors can continue their working processes until they need the dashboard data for the right decisions. At the same time data analytics will work via the cloud based service and regularly update, gather data from the ERP, API, CRM, databases, Excel and any IT systems to form the analytical reports.

Big data analytics is highly effective for the  manufacturing, financial, retail, insurance, energy, IT, fashion, media and other industries.


Power BI dashboards are a consolidated view of important business metrics. They help answer fundamental questions and create data-backed strategies.

A well-designed dashboard tells a data story and offers a bird’s-eye view of your company’s performance. It helps you identify key trends or anomalies, usually through filters.

The layouts in power bi dashboard examples can  be custom designed to meet the specific demands. 

The managers and other decision makers can track the performance of their teams and get a quick and comprehensive overview of the entire process. Dashboards allow users to compare departments or teams performance against previous years.


A KPI is a key performance indicator that measures the status of your business against its goals. These are useful metrics that can help you make data-informed decisions and build a strategic roadmap for the future.

Creating Power BI KPIs is essential for businesses to set clear and well-defined goals. Having these in place will ensure that your company is on track to meet its objectives and deliver the highest possible quality of service.

Using KPIs in Power BI dashboard examples is the best way to keep track of important business information and progress towards your goals. They are also useful for analyzing data from multiple sources, allowing you to share insights with your team.

Business intelligence is comfortable for usage because you can see interactive reports any time in any place in the world. It is timesaving for the vital decisions of directors and other decision makers.

Dashboards don’t demand time for calculation as they show the analytical reports refreshed and ready. Just use the data when you need your Key Performance Indicators for effective management of the business. This way they save your time for the other jobs around the company and management.


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