Beware of the Rb7-VideoXYZ This isn’t an authentic or reliable website. There were numerous similar kinds of scam websites previously. Let’s start by reading our Rb7-Video review. We will discover the reason for an Rb7-Video XYZ scam and the real story behind Rb7-Video XYZ in actual.

Rb7-VideoXYZ is a fraudulent website because of these reasons

In reality, there are a number of websites that are scams like this, and none of them has been paid out to any member when they asked to cash-out their gains once they had reached their cash-out limit.

If you look on the internet , you’ll discover a myriad of complaints and complaints from different people about this website and other similar kinds of websites.

When you ask to cash out profits, these types of sites might ask you to take part in paid surveys, or pay fees , or download certain apps or other similar software to obtain the cash out. For this, you must pay first. Even when you pay them cash they won’t give you any money. Certain sites might also ask you to refer a few people in order to qualify for payout, however, even if you do the necessary amount of referrals they’ll not make any payment to you.

Some examples of similar fraud sites which claim to pay cash in a matter of minutes, but never pay you until the end include Fun-Video Work-Video, Adc-Videoand World-Video Ads-Video and Vip-Video. Watch-Videos, Look-Videos, Adh-Video, Adv Video, Lc5-Video ID-Video, Video-D2, AitMoney XYZ, MoneyEzXYZ, MoneyEeXYZ, MoneyAqXYZ, MoneyEyXYZ, IzMoney, MoneyVu, XvaMoney, TxoMoney, MoneyEa, MoneyEw, and so on.

These types of websites earn profits by selling personal information of the members such as the email addresses, their payment processor’s information such as mobile numbers and email addresses, on , which users must give them when they register and during a cash-out requests. This is why you shouldn’t give your credit card details to sites such as this one, as you could end up having to cancel your credit card and avoiding the fraudulent charges.

The majority of these scam websites claim to pay you money simply, such as watching videos for a few minutes or seconds, and earning between $0.5 up to $11 or more. They say they will pay you $0.5 per minutes of YouTube video, which is 30 dollars just by watching one minute of footage. According to their claims If you are watching 3 hours of videos per day, you’re going to earn $2700 per month, which is a ridiculous claim. The owners of these YouTube videos will not earn this amount of money from their content so how will they make money? Where do they get their money? This is proof enough that they’re not here in order to make any payment. In addition they also claim to give 40% of profits from your referrers as an affiliate commission.

What is their way of spending so much money on their members for something as simple?

Answer is easy, simply by not paying any one.

It’s easy to imagine the amount they’ll must earn in order to make $0.5 per person for a 1 minute video view on YouTube. The YouTubers will not make the same amount of money from those views, and not even distant.

YouTubers are able to promote their YouTube video for much lower expense than $0.5 per minute of viewing. There is not a reason for paying $0.5 per minute on websites like this, where there is a chance of having their video removed through YouTube and Google AdSense for violating the YouTube and Google AdSense policies because it is against YouTube as well as Google AdSense policies to get views from paid viewers. These sites regularly upload YouTube videos without the consent of the YouTubers. If you ask these YouTubers whether they’ve advertised on this website or not, and you’ll be able to determine the truth on your own. The business model behind these kinds of sites is a lie and they’re not there to compensate anyone.

It is important to know that none of the legitimate companies will earn any money from paying this huge sums of money for these easy tasks. Don’t spend your time watching 200 minutes of video clips to establish a minimum threshold for cashouts as even if you do earn more than the cashout threshold for minimum, they will not pay you.

The scammers always make a new website with different names, however the fundamentals of scam websites is identical i.e. their business model and method of swindling people. We have therefore included the Rb7 video XYZ as a member of the scams category.

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Now , it’s evident that Rb7-Video is fraudulent as you can see in our Rb7 Video review here.

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