Are you aware of the best way to defeat the fraudsters who contributed in the Infosms scam? However, first you need to master this piece of writing to know the basis of this scam.

Are you interested in knowing more about an SMS scam that is affecting people from Australia? If so, then check out this article to understand the cause of its existence and the public’s response to it.

Spam SMS is an unwanted content that we do not want or attempt to avoid. Additionally, in this type of fraud it is the fraudsters who offer delicious deals to their victims to get the money they desire. Today, in our article, we’ll provide you with information about the Infosms scam and the necessary warnings. Please read this article to find out how to avoid scams.

About The Fraud

After exposing a number of threads, we realized that this scam has been in the last couple of years, and it is affecting people. Additionally, the threads were uncovered the fact that in this scam the scammers want to obtain the victim’s bank information.

If you’d like to know more about the story, and the reasons why people have concluded it to be a scam it is essential to read the next paragraphs. Let’s jump into the next paragraph to learn more.

How Has Infosms Scam Occurred?

The source pointed out that it was a new scam in which the fraudster targeted mostly natives in Australia in order to get the bank’s details. In addition, the thread stated that the text contained a message that stated that around 2300 AUDs had been transferred to a different bank account, and that the victim should call +61 1 800 93051 to report any issues.

A user also revealed the exact same situation, but without capital exchange on a different website. This means that the message was seen by a large number of users, and consequently people commented on it. Therefore, let us reveal what they wrote about the Infosms Fraud action below.

People’s Reaction To The Scam

The receivers have largely branded it as a fraud because the capital has not been paid. We have also found other comments on the fraud that have been tagged by the public as a scam. From the original source, we’ve discovered that the text contained a link which users suggested, but has was not clicked as it might be a fake URL. The majority of users believe that the number provided was a scam.

Let us now explain the various ways to resolve the SMS scamming issue in the next section of this article about Informationsms Fraud.

Methods To Prevent Spam SMS

Before you dive into the ways to prevent it, be aware of the meaning of SMS spam actually means. SMS frauds are a form of scam which involves the use of texts with links that are fraudulent. Therefore, if you’d like to beat them, make sure you take the advice below.

  • You can stop the scam occurring at the source by contacting your local authority on communication.
  • Blocking the spam phone number can be a sensible step.
  • You can also select special services to identify and separate the fraudulent activities.
  • It is not recommended to visit any hyperlink in a suspicious email.


It is a good Infosms Fraud article helped us in finding an SMS scam that is well-known. Also, in our research the subject, we found this scam informing users about transactions made of their accounts to someone. But, many people saw the scam as a rip-off after they had looked into the scam.

Are you a victim of some fraud? Tell us your story below. Also, learn here the best ways to stay away and protect yourself from scams on the internet..


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