Interested in staying at one of Turks and Caicos Rentals Here are some things to know

Surrounded by the third largest barrier reef in the world, Turks and Caicos spread over 40 islands of paradisiacal beaches, with white sand and the bluest waters imaginable. With a tropical climate and three hundred and twenty days of sunshine, the archipelago is full of things to do and luxurious hotels. If you’re going to stay at one of Turks and Caicos rentals, your decision was right! 

Turks and Caicos is still a little-known destination, but it is highly awarded around the world. It has won several times the World Travel Awards, the Oscar of Tourism, been elected the best beach destination in the white villas, also the most romantic, the best beach destination in the world, and one of its beaches, Grace Bay, has already won several times the title of the best beach in the world. 

Where the Turks and Caicos are Is located?

The Turks & Caicos resort are located on the border of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean,

Its 40 islands are divided into two groups, the Turks and the Caicos, obviously. Only nine are inhabited. Approximately 40,000 people live there, most of them on Providenciales, the main island in the Caicos group. In Providenciales, you can find the best. The capital is Cockburn Town, which is on another island, Grand Turk, from the “Turks” group, where cruises stop. The other major islands are North Caicos, Middle Caicos, East, and South Caicos.

How to get to Turks and Caicos

The main airport is located on Providenciales Island and receives daily flights from airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, and Inter Caribbean. In addition to this, there are still other airports in Grand Turk and some private ones that receive private planes from millionaires and celebrities who frequently visit Turks & Caicos. Pay attention when buying your ticket, so that the airport is on the resort where you will be staying. Oh, and if possible, choose a seat by the plane window so you can enjoy the blue from above.

To enter Turks and Caicos, you don’t need a visa, but you need prior authorization made via the internet, travel insurance, proof of vaccine, and a negative covid test, in addition to a valid passport until the end of your trip. You may be asked to present your return ticket and book a hotel on the island. 

Best time to go

With a tropical climate, the island is hot all year round, with temperatures between 23ºC and 31ºC. The driest months are between January and May. The high season runs from December to March. I went in February and got beautiful, sunny days with a pleasant temperature of around 25 degrees – in the air and in the sea.

Just avoid the periods when there is a risk of a hurricane, from August to October. It rains very little there, see on the map with tips from Turks and Caicos that, along with Anguilla, the island has the least amount of rainy days in the entire Caribbean. 

I hope these tips were helpful. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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