Developing Resilience: Characteristics of Today's Successful Hotels

Many industries, particularly hospitality, have suffered severe social and economic consequences as a result of COVID-19. Hotels, now more than ever, must endeavor to establish resistance in order to reclaim their position. 

Communication that is proactive

There is a unique mission and vision for every hotel such as The H Dubai Hotel, and before it is integrated into a strategic plan it should be widely discussed among the core group of people. It’s critical to keep your stakeholders, senior management, and other staff informed about any issues you’re facing. Whether you want to increase your average daily rate or implement necessary repairs, set out your end goal. In both the short-term and long-term, you should determine how these goals will increase your commercial value.

The Digital Front [H4]

The introduction of remote working is one of the most significant transformations the pandemic has brought to all businesses. The best hotels to stay in Dubai have jumped on board and are using cloud technology and innovative solutions to stay connected and productive. 

Guests in the best luxury family hotels in Dubai including Dubai Marina hotels and Barsha Heights hotels can enjoy exceptional concierge services that allow them to check-in, extend their stay online, and even make a purchase.  Customers in many other hotels no longer have to waste time standing in line at the front desk to resolve concerns; instead, they can communicate with hotel employees through a web chat online.

Enhance Safety [H4]

To boost the trust of guests during their stay, the best family hotels in Dubai should stress sanitary measures. By raising overall cleaning standards, business owners will be able to not only meet but also exceed, the requirements posed by COVID-19. Provide personnel with updated health and safety training on hand hygiene, physical separation, safe food handling, food hygiene, and sanitizing and disinfecting procedures.

Hotel companies in Dubai must instruct their employees about the importance of the necessity of reporting their travel and transit details, distancing themselves physically, and following all sanitation measures so that all protocols can be strictly followed.  It is also essential for hotel guests to follow these requirements even though it is critical for all hotel staff, suppliers, and contractors to adhere to any new health and safety procedures.

Boost Hygiene

Placing hospital-grade disinfectants in key positions, particularly those with high activity, such as elevators and toilets, is one of the most important measures, as it reminds visitors to sanitize softly but strongly. Hotels with meeting rooms in Dubai must use a floor marking or a physical barrier at the check-in point and meeting areas to emphasize physical distance.

5-star hotels in Sheikh Zayed Road and everywhere must offer digital alternatives to in-room goods like notepads and menus to reduce the number of items that need to be sanitized. Hotels should consider adopting full-body thermal scanners that provide reliable readings without being invasive, as regular temperature monitoring has become more of a necessity than a suggestion.

Give room for flexibility.

Travel preparation has altered dramatically in recent years. Hotels should alter their cancellation policies to ensure that guests have enough room in case of changes. Maintain engagement with your guests even as you accept their cancellation in order to secure a potential reservation. Your guests will feel that they are in control and will be compelled to return sooner rather than later when your cancellation policy is flexible and hassle-free. Despite the fact that the current situation has had a significant impact on hotels and hotel apartments, operators are making the required actions to promote room occupancy and ensure that customers continue to have a joyful and safe experience.
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