The truth about motion graphics explainer in three minutes


Motion graphics explainers effectively convey your idea and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Motion graphics explainers are becoming increasingly common in video production, from TV ads to internal company communications. But what are they, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how can you make one? This article will discuss these issues and several examples of motion graphics explainers.

 Motion Graphics Explainer: What Are They?

Animated films with motion graphics are a fun and easy method to break down complex ideas for the layperson. 

They create a dynamic and engaging visual experience by fusing animation, illustration, and typography. Motion graphics explainers can quickly and effectively explain any topic, whether a product, service, or concept.

Types  of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics explainers come in a variety of forms. Explainer videos, infographic videos, and character-driven explainers are the most well-liked formats. The term “explainer video” refers to videos that are typically under five minutes long and use graphics and text to explain a product or service. 

Infographic videos combine facts and graphics to communicate information graphically. The goal of a character-driven explainer is to convey a message in a lighthearted and engaging manner through the usage of cartoon characters.

Motion Graphics Icon

Motion graphics icons are an explainer that uses straightforward shapes and colours to convey a notion or idea. 

Icons like this are frequently used in marketing, advertising, and education to illustrate complicated concepts in a way that is both aesthetically appealing and memorable. Motion graphics icons can depict products, procedures, or ideas.

Motion Graphics in Branding: Utilisation

Motion graphics in branding are pivotal to placing a company brand before the layman.  Brands can use them to describe a product or service, to promote a new initiative, or to simplify a difficult idea. Motion graphics explainers can be used in advertising, videos, websites, and social media postings to capture attention and convey a strong message.

Motion graphics explainers are frequently utilised in branding to make a memorable and engaging brand experience. With motion graphics, motion graphic explainers can explain the core features of a product or service in a fun and straightforward manner. By seeing this animation, customers might feel more connected to a brand and become more familiar with it.

Benefits of Using Motion Graphics Explainer

Motion graphics explainers are an excellent medium for conveying information in an interesting and aesthetically attractive manner. 

They are memorable and engaging and may be used to explain difficult ideas simply and understandably. They can also be utilised in several channels, from video to social media, to reach the people you want to reach.

Constraints of Motion Graphics Explainer

Motion graphics explainers effectively convey a message, but they are not without flaws. These can be time-consuming and expensive to produce, and ensuring that the information is communicated clearly and simply can be challenging. Motion graphics explainers are not appropriate for every subject or idea, either.

An Overview of the Process of Making a Motion Graphics Explainer

A motion graphics explainer involves knowledge of animation, drawing, and typography. There are many online tutorials and courses. The idea or message you’re attempting to get over should be crystal clear in your mind, and you should do your best to get it out in an interesting and visually pleasing way.

Maintaining a clear and basic animation: Using straightforward shapes, colours, and text to express information; Creating an emotional connection with viewers by using pictures; Keeping the animation aesthetically appealing and entertaining and ensuring the animation is simple and memorable are some of the steps that can be taken while creating motion graphics explainers.

The Motion Graphics Explainer Scene in New York City

Motion graphics explainers are increasingly popular in New York City. Many skilled designers, illustrators, and animators who produce motion graphics explainers call this place home. 

Motion graphics explainers are becoming increasingly common in New York City, appearing in everything from commercials to corporate videos.

Motion Graphics Explainer Examples

There are numerous examples of motion graphics explainers that have been used in a range of contexts. The “Dollar Shave Club,” “MailChimp,” and “Airbnb” explanation videos are just a few of the most well-known examples. These films show how motion graphics explainers may be used to convey information fun and interestingly.


A more and more common technique to convey information in an interesting and aesthetically attractive manner is through motion graphics explainers. To reach your target audience, you can use them in anything from video to social media. Brands can also use them to provide a clear and memorable explanation of products, services, or any other concept. 

In recent years, New York City has emerged as a centre for producing motion graphics explainers, thanks to the concentration of many skilled artists who have chosen to focus on this niche. There are a lot of tutorials and courses online to help you start making a motion graphics explainer.


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