You already know that others can easily judge a person by their appearance. And your smile can significantly influence how people see and treat you. Luckily, with proper dental care and today’s cosmetic treatments, everyone can attain a healthy-looking smile, significantly impacting their confidence, attractiveness, and life in general. 

However, having the right individual to do the orthodontic procedures is the key to satisfaction. To prevent the adverse oral health problems attributed to going to the wrong orthodontist, below are things you should keep an eye on.

Qualifications of the orthodontist

With so many people marketing their services online, you must ensure that your doctor has the qualifications and relevant documentation to show they’re trained as orthodontists. In some cases, some dentists who offer orthodontic treatment might not have the required skills and knowledge to diagnose and adequately treat certain conditions. However, before you agree to their services, make sure to check for the seal of the American Association of Orthodontists in their documentation. 

To ensure the quality of services offered, it’s recommended that you seek the services of an orthodontist who has been in the business for quite a while. Make sure to check out the staff and how they treat you. A good orthodontist will always ensure that their staff is trained professionally and makes every patient feel like a priority.


If your orthodontist was recommended to you by a friend or relative, they might have given you some information about the person they’re recommending to you. However, if not, then you don’t need to panic. You can get information about an orthodontist’s service online thanks to the internet. 

Check out what other people say about their services and their progress online, especially individuals with similar treatments to the one you intend to receive. Although it’s not a requirement, an orthodontist actively involved with the community will likely demonstrate the same spirit of generosity towards you. Therefore, if they’re involved with the community, that’s a good sign.


Different orthodontists and different procedures demand additional costs. Therefore, don’t just assume that the price will be the same. Instead, inquire what they will charge you for the services. Is their consultation free? Do they have a payment plan? Do they charge for emergency appointments? And under what circumstances will you be responsible for emergency appointment costs? 

Whenever possible, estimate costs that might arise in the future. For example, it’s important to mention that although different professionals charge more minor than others, exceedingly low prices might signify incompetency. Therefore, don’t rush to hire an orthodontist because they offer cheap services. If you intend to use your orthodontic insurance, ensure that the individual is in your network to avoid paying the total price for the services.

Is Their Technology Up to Date?

As technology advances in other areas, so has the technology in orthodontic treatment. So you want to ensure that the facility is well equipped with the latest technology to achieve the best results. So, for example, instead of going for the traditional braces, you can opt for clear ones that are more cosmetically pleasing. 

Another great example would be considering entirely brace-free options such as Invisalign and impressions. The best Invisalign dentist should be able to present and explain what these treatment options are and the pros and cons of each.

Proximity to You

Keep in mind that the treatment isn’t a one-service thing. Therefore, when choosing an orthodontist for you or your child, it’s recommended you choose one that is accessible to you. This will prove extremely helpful, especially when you need emergency services. Again, if you take your child, ensure that you choose a place they love. The office should accommodate children and have enough room to sit and rest as you wait for the patient.

At Discovery Dental, we understand what a beautiful smile means to you. And as such, our team of professionals is well equipped to handle any issue you might have and give you that confident smile you’ve wished for. Contact us today and get educated on the available options we have for you.


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