The much loved character of Yelena Belova is played by the beautiful Florence Pugh, who has recently joined the Marvel universe. She debuted in Black Widow. But after her sensational hit in the movie, we will be seeing Yelena Belova again in Hawkeye. Yes, you heard us right! So, sit back and relax before Hawkeye hits the cinema. She is one of the best assassins trained at the Red Room Academy. Yelena Belova is the half – sister of Natalia Romanova. Rumor has it that she scored better than her sister, the avenger. So, imagine what a badass she could have been if she had been part of the avengers? Yelena was quick on her feet, as she was able to climb up the ranks much more quickly and became the captain. The turning point in her life was the mission where she investigated the murder of Starkovksy. 

Yelena was sent by General Tischenko to go to the bondage sex club, after which her private life and details of the time she trained at the Red Room Academy circulated. Hence, the dominatrix Nikki knew about Black Widow Ops Program and Yelena, and she revealed that Starkovksy was a regular customer. After this assignment, Yelena had become the black widow because it was all an elaborate plan to get her to the next stage. Then, she trained under Colonel Yuri Stalyenko’s agent. But she soon realized that the Red Room Academy was much more evil than she expected. They were making the trained assassins into controlled robots. They planned on altering the brain activity to make them abiding killer soldiers with no thoughts and opinions of their own. Yelena soon realized what was happening, so she had sent the serum to Natasha for safekeeping. This put both their life at a risk because the two sisters had to team up to fight the Rhapastanian soldiers. 

The opportunity opened up doors for us to look at their sisterly relationship. The movie also showed us how both had grown apart but could depend on one another. They would not trust anyone except themselves. Romanova saves Yelena on many instances while on missions, which makes her always feel indebted towards Black Widow. But the love – hate relationship of the sister is something we can not get enough of during the Marvel movie. We will be seeing Yelena in Hawkeye most probably, as White Widow. But let’s see what the future has in store for her in the Marvel universe because Yelena won our hearts with her cheeky humor and charismatic personality. That is just not why we love, her exquisite sense of style is what has got us hooked! You heard us right. The first independent decision she ever makes is purchasing her handy vest that has been loaded with pockets. 

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