The success of online businesses revolves around trends. However, it is not only digital trends, it involves social commerce trends too. What is social commerce? It is a bridge between e-Commerce and social media. In other words, social commerce takes the e-commerce businesses and makes them available on the platform. Through this, brands can expand their reach and widen their audience base. As per the reports, nearly 10% of e-commerce sales are done through social commerce. Businesses can even try using the tiktok counter and shall check on the live counts for their profile. 

If you understand the major social commerce trends, it will surely help you improve the brand sales, marketing, and growth of the businesses. As of now, social commerce is changing shopping methods. The article below explains why social commerce is needed for companies, the social commerce trends, and how you can leverage it. Let’s get started!

Social Commerce Trends and their Rise

Many will have a confusion between social and e-commerce. In simple terms, social commerce is the shopping experience, whereas e-commerce is the online store. Have you ever thought about why social commerce had a sudden rise? Today a large number of people are scrolling through social media, especially Gen Z. As per experts, future generations are shopping more through social channels than physical ones. So to grab the future market, brands must be in trend with social commerce updates. It is how social commerce has risen. 

Why Should Businesses Consider Social Commerce?

Social commerce always helps to gain brand awareness. Social commerce will help you let down physical shopping. With the customer touchpoints, social commerce makes you engage and connect with the customers. The most common social commerce platforms are Instagram shops, facebook shops, TikTok shops, etc., 

TikTok and Social Commerce

When you take at TikTok shops, you can see many videos describing the products with prices because the authentic shops sometimes have a verified account. Therefore, the images displayed on the platform will be similar to that of the products. Sometimes, even with TikTok Live, the shops will showcase the new arrivals of their products. It is because many more prominent brands are utilizing the TikTok platform and striving better in it. 

With the comments option, the audience may clarify their doubts with the business owners. For example, in a professional TikTok shop account, you could see links to websites embedded in the bio. Similarly, TikTok helps people with smooth transaction processes through the perfect links. 

5 Top Social Commerce Trends to Watch Out 

1. Micro-Influencers for Brand Reach

When you collaborate with micro-influencers, there will be more chances to get familiar quickly. Moreover, as micro-influencers have more followers, it will help brands drive conversions. So brands within their budget can get loyal followers to your account through influencers. You can try using the TikTokCounter and shall check on the real-time followers’ counts.  

2. Frictionless Shopping Experience

All they want is to have a smooth shopping experience and checkout process. For example, the one-click and purchasing options will engage customers and improve sales. If you think any process is unnecessary, remove it and produce a seamless experience for the shoppers. As per the survey, nearly 49% of people bought the products after seeing advertisements on TikTok. Therefore, brands can leverage TikTok to uplift their marketing growth. 

3. Voice Technology and Conversational Shopping 

Voice technology is a great advantage where when you speak the word, social media will show the search results. Conversational shopping is nothing, but when you ask questions, automated messages will be provided with relevant answers. Even in TikTok, when you post a video, there is an option to convert the speech into text. 

4. Popular, Low Priced Products

People are mainly looking for social channels to get low-cost but good-quality products. So brands can have exciting offers to attract customers. Moreover, it is better to showcase new products on the digital forefront. Even you can have shopping tags and highlight your products on the catalog. So brands should have customized categories on the TikTok shops. 

5. User-Genrated Contents

User-generated contents are quite a popular social commerce trends. The testimonials and reviews promote content for brands, and every user will alternatively have a perception of your products. So it is not necessary that all audiences would have the same opinion. With UGC content, you can build the trust and credibility of your brand. 

Wrapping Thoughts

Online engagement is quite becoming a standard for businesses. So if you stay updated with the latest social commerce trends, it will add to your overall business growth. To meet your customer’s expectations, you must understand and follow the social commerce trends. Moreover, you can try using the TikTokCounter to analyze the data and shall stay ahead of the curve. If you have enjoyed this article, kindly share your comments below!


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