Toyota Hilux Reviews

Toyota is a multinational automobile manufacturer that focuses on the vehicles with almost four different brands all over the world.

Toyota Hilux holds a very long history with Toyota. The first generation of Toyota Hilux was introduced in 1968, and since that it kept roaring to its competitors. It is the most powerful vehicle so far, and it could be driven on-road and off-road safely.

Now, there is 8th generation of Toyota Hilux that is the latest.

Overview of Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is an SUV and it comes with two types of cabins. You could choose in accordance with your wants. There is a single cabin and a double cabin. The single cabin is available with the Gasoline while double cabin is available with the Fuel. You simply could buy the one you need.

At this time, Toyota Hilux is the latest generation from the Toyota company. This vehicle is typical and the performance of this vehicle is higher. The engine of this vehicle is powerful. There is tough performance of this vehicle, and its design is eye-catching. It provides the drivers with a great comfort.


The predecessors of this vehicle had smaller dimensions and not much fierce looks that Toyota Hilux possesses. Its look is so aggressive that freaks out. The specifications of this vehicle make it aggressive and fierce.


There is a much large headlamp in this vehicle that extends upwards. The design of this headlamp is trapezoidal shape. For double cabin variant, it uses a tiered iron design equipped with chrome accents. And for single cabin variant, there is a black doff design.

Side design is immediately visible as there are not much curves on the body of this vehicle. So, you could see the sides immediately. There is a standard design of Toyota Hilux as shown by side glass.

There is a very solid and impressive impression comes out when you see a stop lamp.  There is a triangular accent on the lateral as a turn sign. The rear bumper of this vehicle is designed in a very simple manner having additional steel parts that are under the tub, wrapped in silver.


Toyota has kept the interior in consideration, and pays full attention to interior of this vehicle. For higher variants, there is a double cabin giving much space which is equipped with high-end interior conditions.

The wheel of this vehicle is made of a good leather. The steering wheel is very comfort to hold, and there is an informative panel on the steering wheel.


There are different dimensions for the both type of variants of Toyota Hilux i.e., Double Cabin and Single Cabin. For double cabin, Toyota Hilux in term of length is 5,330 mm, and it is 1,855 mm wide. About its height, it is 1,815 mm. the wheelbase of Toyota Hilux is 3,085 mm.

For single cabin Toyota Hilux, the length of this vehicle is 5,330 mm, and its width is 1,815 mm. its height is 1,795 mm and there is a use of wheelbase of 3,085 mm which is identical to the Toyota Hilux Double Cabin variant.


The Toyota Hilux has a fierce look because of the design of its lighting system. The designs are so fascinating and give a very aggressive look.

2.8 Black edition owns the LED projector headlights which are automatic. There is a LED Technology with daytime running lights. There is also LED fog lights in front.

Additionally, in all other variants, there is an involuntary halogen indicator headlights equipped with bulb-type daytime running illuminations.


In both editions, Hilux 2.4 L-Edition and Hilux 2.8 Black Edition own alloy wheels having a smaller design, but there is a different finishing. The wheels used in 2.8 Edition are blacked out, while there is dual-tone finishing in L-Edition.

Hilux 2.4 G variants have 17-inch allow wheels. And, Hilux 2.4 Std possesses steel wheels having plastic covers. Single cabin Hilux 2.4 owns the 17-inch steel wheels that are wrapped in commercial tires.


Toyota Hilux is a very powerful vehicle which is especially designed for bumpy roads. This vehicle used in racing as it owns a very powerful engine, also its look is very fierce. This is something everyone desires to have. The powerful and perfect vehicle that has a very famous place among its competitors. This vehicle always gives a very tough time to its competitors.

Since this vehicle is changing with the passage of time, this vehicle is going to give a very tough time to its competitors.


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