Virginia Commonwealth university is filled with grief and sorrow due to the announcement about Mahrokh Khan, a beloved student at VCU who passed to the grave in a car crash which involved crossing a road on campus. The accident occurred on January 27 2023. It caused sadness and shock throughout the campus community. Mahrokh Khan was well-known for her large heart, strong spirit, and infectious energy. Read on to find out more about the tragic incident.

What was the fate of Mahrokh Khan? What caused her death?

As per reports at around 9:15 am she was walking across the street between Laurel as well as West Main Streets when a vehicle tragically struck her. She was later transported by ambulance to VCU Medical Center where unfortunately she died. In the meantime, the Richmond Police Department is now conducting an investigation into this incident but no further details have been made public yet. The tragic incident that took place to Mahrokh Khan is truly heartbreaking. Our prayers go out to her family members during this time of grief.

Vice President Vice Aaron J. Hart expressed his condolences to the family of Mahrokh and her friends, and his deepest sympathy to everyone who knew her in an email to faculty, students and staff on Friday, January. 27th.

The numbers regarding automobile accidents that occur in Virginia are alarming. As per the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) there were more than 105,600 accidents in the car were reported in the year 2019 in the year alone. The crashes caused more than 574 deaths and a host of injuries. Although some accidents are in the absence of fault on the part of either party, such as weather conditions or mechanical malfunction, many result from inattention or carelessness by the driver or participants in the crash.

As a community as a whole, it is essential that we make steps to making sure that such tragedies do not happen in the near future. It could mean taking classes or workshops on defensive driving or following traffic laws completely and regularly. Furthermore, drivers must practice caution when driving around residential areas and college campuses as these areas are likely to be full of pedestrians who might are not paying close attention when walking around due to distractions from cell phones and other gadgets. Also, if consumed at least two beverages in an hour prior to driving–even when you think you’re “okay”–you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Instead, you should contact a friend to arrange an Uber ride or take advantage of public transportation services within your vicinity!

Our thoughts are with Mahrokh Khan’s family members and friends during this time of sorrow. We hope that by sharing her story, we can increase awareness of the safety of cars among other VCU students and across our wider community to stop similar tragedies from happening at some point in the near future. By taking the appropriate precautions including appropriate defensive driving practices and observing traffic laws regularly paying attention to pedestrians around college campuses and residential areas, and not driving after drinking alcohol, even when you believe it’s safe , we can together work towards creating safe roads for all to take pleasure in! May Mahrokh Khan rest in peace!


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