In this day and age, it is risky to invest shares in the stock market using intraday trading. If you are a first-time investor in intraday trading, you must understand the Best Intraday trading strategies to avoid the risk and gain profits in a short time period. This article will act as a quick trip to guide beginners in intraday trading. Loss or gain yield in intraday trading depends upon the terms or strategies of intraday trading that the investors use. The benefit of the strategies of intraday trading is that it gives information on margin price fluctuations to investors but if the trader does not use these strategies manner, then they may face losses.

Some best intraday trading strategies

1. Momentum trading strategy: In this, investors or traders choose the right stock before making any change in the stock market or its trends. 

2. Reversal trading strategy: In this type of strategy, the investments go against the trends as per the calculation and analysis. 

3. Breakout trading strategy: In the breakdown trading strategy, time plays a major role while making the correct decision in trading. 

4. Gap and go over strategy: In this strategy, if the gap goes higher than the previous day, then it is called the gap up, and if the gap is going lower than the previous day, then it is called the gap down. 

5. Crossover strategy: Trends in the stock market are the best indicator to determine whether the market performs well or not. But there is a need to acquire the crossover strategy to determine the values that go up to the average value. We can call it an uptrend when the values raise above the average value, and we can call it a downtrend when are values decrease from the average value. 

When is the Intraday profit credited?

In the intraday profit credited, you can make multiple trades on the same day of trading. For this, you have to select the type of intraday trading according to their order type to sell the shares on the same day when you buy and vice versa.

Suppose you buy 50 shares from the three different intraday orders, then you have to sell all the 50 shares before the end of the day on which you buy. If you gain profit, the amount gets credited to your account, but if you face a loss, you have to pay some charges to the broker. 


There the many strategies for intraday trading, but the strategies discussed in this article are considered the best strategies. It is presumed that the reversal strategy is quite complicated from the other strategies when the order in the intraday trading chooses the option to go against the trend. The major key to successful and flexible intraday training is to invest rapidly and look at the market trend and then take the final step at the right time. 


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