Are you tired of seeing the clutter in your house every time you walk in after a long day? Or does your intense hoarding habit make you anxious, but you just can’t stop and won’t stop? What do you do in that situation? How will self-storage come to your rescue? Worry not, because this blog is about to serve you with answers to your cluttering problems. This will motivate you not only to declutter your room but also your mind from the extra space your belongings may be occupying!

Self-storage, by definition, means renting or leasing out a spacious storage space to keep your possessions or personal belongings in a safe space. The place where your possessions are kept is known as a storage unit, and there are varying sizes of storage space, depending upon the space you need. It can vary from a confined closet to a commodious, walk-in bedroom. As our normal renting routine goes, it can be rented on a short-term basis, lasting from month to month to a long-term basis, depending upon your need. 

Out of all the developed countries in the world, Hong Kong’s industries of self-storage have blossomed the most in recent years. They successfully developed in the industry, with an immense demand and accommodating supply. The statistics from SSAA Annual Survey 2020 suggest that the services for self storage Hong Kong offers occupy 80% of space among businesses in other Asian cities. 

What Are The Common Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit?

  1. Decluttering 

As humans, we have the tendency to get emotionally attached to our belongings. That makes it difficult to get rid of some of the most-occupying materials in the house. The wisest decision to make your house clutter-free from the objects that you don’t want right now is to store them at a storage facility. 

  1. Ongoing Renovations 

Families or individuals that choose to revamp their house into a minimalistic or lavish setting can choose a storage facility to keep their house possessions in a safe space.

  1. Moving Houses

To save yourself from going maniac in the process of shifting or changing houses, the facility of storage unit offers a convenient solution to store your possessions while you are in the mid of moving to a new house, living in a rented house with limited space, or moving to a completely different country. 

  1. Sudden Changes in Life

Life takes immediate turns, which can lead you to make difficult decisions. Whether it is getting divorced from your partner, reducing your space for retirement, looking after a family member’s property, or working your way up through a natural disaster or catastrophe, choosing a self-storage facility can support your mental health, as it helps to eases the burden of your mind about the possessions when certain changes occur in your life.

  1. Supports Military Lifestyle

The military family changes their locations frequently, as they have to relocate to a different base every few years. Often being on the move can damage your possessions if not well kept. However, military storage options can be a beneficial option to consider when relocating.

  1. Business or College Storage

Large Businesses often need commercial storage to have a space where they can stock their inventory, files, equipment, or vehicles. Alongside a business individual, it is also beneficial for a student who is in the process of freeing dorm room space, going home for vacations, or changing places for a few semesters, to have rent storage facilities in proximity to their university campuses. 

What Benefits Does Renting a Storage Facility Offer? 

  1. Security from Potential Threats of Theft 

If you have a fear of your belongings not being safe in your house because of certain neighborhood threats, it is a feasible option to rent a self-storage facility in your proximity to hush your worries away. These units have extensive security systems installed, which include 24-hour CCTV service, an active alarm system, bright exterior lighting, highly-built security fences, and coded electronic gates to keep the possessions safe. 

Moreover, it is also guarded with your padlock, which assures only your access to your unit and belongings. This means it will quickly detect any unlicensed trespassers or any potential theft.

  1. Offers Convenience to its Customers 

A rental-storage facility makes sure to provide convenience to its users, which is possible by giving a code that a customer can use anytime to access the facility. There are flexible and scalable unit sizes, which means that they can scale up or down to the size of their unit anytime they want. The facility of scalable size is beneficial for customers who often look for a custom-size storage unit, as it gives them the freedom of space of their choice. 

  1. Provides a Base for Your Business 

Wise business entrepreneurs can have wide usage for their business purpose and make their office space clutter-free by availing of self-storage options. They can use it for a variety of following reasons; 

  • Stock additional during peak seasons and store seasonal stock during the off-peak seasons. 
  • Use it to store obsolete items or business files that may come in handy in the future.
  • Store products, samples, and prototypes of a product line.
  • Keep the unused office equipment or relocate new equipment that may be needed later
  • Use it to keep the items safe when in an emergency or natural catastrophe; fire, storm, or flood.
  1. Easy Insurance 

There is no surprise in claiming that storage homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is more expensive than storage facility insurance. The storage unit provides an ease to such an extent that it can cover all of your items’ insurance if your home is deemed unsafe to make the space safe for the belongings. It can range from $8 to $38 per month for coverage of $10,000, depending upon the provider of the insurance. However, some policies may not include fire and flood damage, which may be a financial loss for you, but it is always feasible to check what is and is not covered in the policy. 


After deciding to choose a rent-storage facility and the custom size that you need, it will make your life much easier than before to save yourself from the extra clutter! These self-storage facilities offer ample amount of flexibility and accessibility to their customers. 


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