Waterproof LED String Lights come in a 76-inch long waterproof string with 20 bright LED lights. These waterproof LED Fairy lights can be used for displays, decorations and DYIs, that is why it is a good option to buy waterproof fairy lights from expert sellers like Fusion Lighting Australia. The bright glow-in-the dark string lights come with a waterproof battery compartment and switch compartment. It also comes with 2 long-lasting and easily replaceable CR2032 coins cells batteries. With very little effort, glowing fairy string lights make everything look incredible!

The compact, lightweight switch compartment and battery for LED fairy string lights is ideal for hiding in decorations such as wedding centerpieces, Christmas decorations, and other Halloween crafts. The LED Fairy Lights are great for lighting up floral arrangements, wreaths, and inside vases. The fairy string lights offer a safer alternative to traditional candles and open flame tea lights. These lights can be used for parties all year round, thanks to their 24-hour-lasting lifespan. With their versatile, magical, and submersible LED fairy lights, you can light up your backyard reunion, wedding, anniversary, or gala event.

Instructions for LED String Lights:

Remove the glowing string lights from your waterproof fairy lights package to turn them on. Slowly open the battery compartment by turning counterclockwise. Then, remove the battery protector. Close the battery compartment and twist clockwise to turn it on. Now your light up fairy lights can be activated!


These LED fairy lights are small and bright but easy to use. These lights can be used to illuminate Christmas decorations and add an ambient glow for DIY crafts. These fairy lights are made from thin metal wire and can be bent to fit around decorations. While many LED fairy lights come with battery power and a timer function, some strings are plug-in adapters. We can’t help but wonder if fairy lights have some magic to them.


There are many specialty fairy lights available, in addition to the traditional fairy lights that have small LED lights strung across a thin metal string.

Fairy Lights With Decorative Accents have unique decorations on the string, such as metal beads and crystal gems. These lights add an extra dimension to your light displays.

Garland Fairy Light Light Clusters are made up of dozens of LED lights that shoot from the main string. They make a great addition to table centerpieces, and can be wrapped around holiday greenery.

Fairy light balls are metal frames spheres that have been wrapped in LED fairy lights. These beautiful hanging decorations are great for decorating trees or using indoor lighting.

Why choose LED fairy lights?

The LED fairy lights offer a wonderful lighting solution. These lights are versatile and can be used for many purposes, including to enhance the home’s appeal or to add a nostalgic touch in commercial projects. You can use them for DIY party lighting or permanent commercial fittings. Additionally, LED fairy lights can be made in a variety of lengths with additional tails and a choice of bulbs.


There are many types of festoons, but two main ones: flush and hanging.


This style is flush with the festoon cable and requires no hanging. This means that the cables are placed exactly where you want them to be. This is a great way to line edges of signs, billboards, or deck roofs.


The first style has the light bulbs flush against a string. The second style has the bulbs hanging from a small cable attached to a main cable.


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