10 Things You Should Not Do With Dhow CruiseDubai

When you visit Dubai, one of the top attractions you’ll want to experience is a cruise on a dhow. These traditional Arabic boats offer a unique and interesting way to see the city’s skyline and waterways. Book your Dubai Visa and experience this Here are ten things you should not do on your Dubai dhow cruise.

1. Don’t try to haggle with the boat operator over the price:

Once you’ve decided on which 5 Star Dhow Cruise Dubai you want to take, don’t try to negotiate with the boat operator over the price. The price is usually set and won’t be negotiable. Besides this, it’s considered rude to try and bargain in Dubai. So, we recommend you pay the fixed price and enjoy your cruise.

2. Don’t take photos of government buildings or military installations:

There are certain places in Dubai where you’re not allowed to take photos. This includes government buildings and military installations. You could face serious consequences if you’re caught taking pictures of these places. So, it’s best to avoid taking photos of these places altogether. Besides this, you’re free to take pictures of anything else.

3. Don’t drink alcohol in public:

While you’ll be able to drink alcohol on your dhow cruise, it’s important to note that drinking alcohol in public is not allowed in Dubai. So, if you drink on your cruise, be sure to do so in moderation and be respectful of others around you. But if you do this, it might be possible that you will have to pay the penalty in the form of a fine.

4. Don’t bring your food or drink on board:

There are usually refreshments available for purchase on board. So, there’s no need to get your food or beverages on board. If you bring your own, the boat operator may not allow you to consume it on the dhow. Besides this, getting your food or drink is not polite when others are paying for the refreshments on board.

5. Don’t get sunburned:

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors in Dubai, protect your skin from the sun. The sun in Dubai is very strong and can cause severe sunburns. So, make sure to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing. If you get sunburned, it’s best to stay indoors or in the shade as much as possible.

6. Don’t wear revealing clothing:

While you can wear whatever you want on a dhow cruise, it’s important to note that Dubai is a Muslim country. As such, you should dress respectfully and not wear revealing clothing. This includes shorts, skirts, and tops that show a lot of skin. If you choose to wear revealing clothing, you may be asked to leave the dhow or cover-up. Other than this, there are no other restrictions on what you can wear.

7. Don’t enter into arguments with other passengers:

It’s important to remember that you’re on a dhow cruise to relax and enjoy yourself. So, try to avoid getting into arguments with other passengers. If you do, it will only ruin your experience and those around you. Besides this, it’s also important to respect different cultures and traditions. So, if you want to know something then we recommend you to just ask other passengers.

8. Don’t take photos of people without their permission:

While you’re free to take pictures on your dhow cruise, getting approval from people before you do is important. This is especially important if you’re taking photos of people not part of your group. You could face serious consequences if you take pictures of people without permission. However, if someone does give you permission to take their picture, be sure to thank them.

9. Don’t smoke: 

Smoking is not allowed on dhow cruises. So, if you smoke, be sure to do so in an area where it’s permitted. You may be asked to leave the cruise if you’re caught smoking on the dhow. Besides this, smoking is also not allowed in public places in Dubai. So, be sure to smoke in designated smoking areas only. You may be fined if you try to smoke in a non-smoking room.

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10. Don’t loud music:

Playing loud music on your dhow cruise is not allowed. So, if you want to listen to music, be sure to do so with headphones. Other passengers on the dhow should not be able to hear your music. You may be asked to leave the cruise if you play music loudly. Besides this, it’s also important to respect other cultures and traditions.

These simple tips will help you enjoy your dhow cruise in Dubai without ruining the experience for yourself or others. So, be sure to keep them in mind when you’re planning your trip.


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