Riverside is one of the most populated cities in California. It has splendid historical landmarks to visit and sightsee, so all you need is a car for your road trip to Riverside. And if you don’t own a car, you can purchase it from one of the best car dealers, such as a Honda dealer in Riverside.

As per the statistics of Kelly Blue Book and the Bureau of Labor, the average cost of a new car as of September 2022 was 48,094 dollars. And according to a website, the average price of a pre-owned or used car in California, including Riverside, is around 35,000 dollars. These statistics conclude that used cars are cheaper and budget-friendly than new cars. So, why not choose a pre-owned vehicle for yourself?

Since choosing the right vehicle can be overwhelming and baffling, you can look at some of the following tips: 

  • Thoroughly Inspect the Car and Its Insurance Papers

One of the important factors to consider before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is thoroughly checking the car and its papers. As such, you can get in touch with a mechanic to help examine the vehicle. A well-maintained car will not show any signs of dents, rust, or damage. Besides, ensure the tires are inspected appropriately, and the surface is checked for feathering. It is also vital that the mechanic examine the brakes of the car; pulsating brakes mean the rotors have to be replaced. Also, check for any strange noise and vibration from the brake pedal. Inspect the filters of the car that require constant oiling and cleaning. The filters need to be changed regularly for better performance. That’s not all; with the help of the filters, you can determine if the used vehicle is in good condition. In addition, it is a must to examine the vehicle’s insurance papers for any accidents. Also, you can check the NCB (No Claim Bonus) percentage on the policy, which allows you to fetch discounts while renewing the policy.

  • Examine the Authenticity of the Registration Certificate

You must remember to examine the authenticity of the registration certificate. A valid registration certificate will include the owner’s name and the vehicle’s details, such as the chassis number, engine number, and so on. An authentic registration certificate will not have a “DRC” mark, unlike a duplicate one. Hence, if you find the registration certificate marked with DRC, you must check the state it was registered and the DRC status. For that, it is essential to speak to the seller. And if you look forward to moving to another state, ensure that the vehicle is registered with the state of California.

After purchasing the pre-owned car, ensure you are provided an authentic registration certificate with your name on it. And apart from insurance papers, pollution certificates, purchase invoices, and road tax receipts are a few other necessary documents that must be checked while purchasing a car. Moreover, to know if the vehicle was financed, obtaining a NOC (No objection certificate) from the financing company is crucial. Also, in case you have modified the car’s color or the engine is replaced, it must be mentioned in the registration certificate. 

  • Take It for a Test Drive

A few dealers, like the Honda dealer in Riverside, allow customers to schedule a test drive. For that, you can browse their website or visit them and enter your details. Taking the vehicle for a test drive helps to understand its performance and your comfort level on different types of roads. 

You can always attain the best deals with a pre-owned car. And the factors above will help you significantly in choosing the right vehicle. Plus you can get your other car needs from Thule Canada. So, for further doubts, consulting a car dealer or a car dealership company is beneficial. 


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