Most UAE drivers have experienced regrettable major or minor traffic incidents at some point. Five key suggestions from legal advisors for following a traffic accident. Road traffic and accident laws in the UAE are clear-cut, sharp, and punishable by steep fines for violators. Advocates in Dubai if they come across these kinds of cases then they make their client understand following these rules by referring to any previous incident.

1.     Get Aside – The first and most important thing to do after a car accident, regardless of whether your automobile has collided with another vehicle or you have been struck by one, is to park the vehicle in a secure location, switch on the hazard lights, and get out of the vehicle. If a car strikes you and the driver tries to flee the scene, you must try to record the license plate number and provide it to the authorities as soon as possible.

2.     No matter how serious the incident was or whether it was your responsibility, do not flee the scene of the accident. It is against the law to flee the scene of an accident or attempt to flee, and doing so could result in a fine of at least AED 500, 5 points on one’s driving record, and at least a week’s worth of automobile impoundment. However, if you flee a serious collision, you will face harsh punishment. It can be more with more black points. Please check with, the law or the lawyers to grab the latest details about fines and black points.  

3.     Contact 999 – The next thing you should do is call 999 at the scene of the accident to summon the police or an ambulance. You can take images of the wrecked vehicle. However, you shouldn’t take images of other people because doing so clearly violates UAE law against cybercrime. It’s the number for

4.     Follow Police Instructions – It’s critical to maintain composure and to give the police all pertinent information. The police station inspecting the scene of the accident will issue three distinct forms of the form: pink, green, and white. The former is for the accused; the latter is issued if neither party is accused or if the accused is found not guilty.

5.     After getting the police report, the final step is to notify the insurance company or the rental car company, depending on the situation, about the occurrence. As a result, the company will set up the towing service on-site because you won’t be able to drive if the automobile has been damaged. If your car collided with something like a wall or concrete parking, the same procedures should be carried out. If such an occurrence occurs, the police should be notified right away. Failure to follow these instructions may result in severe consequences. The Criminal Law Lawyers in Dubai can also be hired to fix such issues. The Criminal Law Advocates or Lawyers can manage such disputes up to prosecution and courts as well. 

Damages: A Discussion

When a breach or violation is committed against the victim, it may cause emotional or mental pain for the victim or his family. According to UAE law, in addition to economic damages that may be sought for the breach, monetary compensation in the form of moral damages may be sought to make up for such mental anguish or other non-financial loss. For instance, it is typical for the victim or the victim’s family to claim moral damages for the mental suffering the victim has had in cases of traffic accidents.

History of Damages and Moral Damages

Article 283 of the Civil Transactions Law mandates that the perpetrator of any tort, regardless of how careless they were, must make amends for their conduct.

According to Article 292 of the Civil Transactions Law, losses in profit must be a logical result of the defamatory act in order for damages to be awarded to recoup those losses.

In addition to these damages, Civil Transactions Law also enables claimants to pursue moral damages for psychological harm or brand damage. A person may be held liable for moral damages under Article 293 of the Civil Transactions Law if they have infringed on their freedom, honor, dignity, reputation, social status, or financial situation. The victim’s family may request and receive these moral damages in the event that the victim has passed away.

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What is the deadline for bringing a claim for damages?

If you take this question to any advocate in Dubai then they will guide you accordingly that, according to Article 298 of the Civil Transactions Law, a claim for damages resulting from an illegal act must be filed three years after the victim first learned of the harm and the identity of the offender.

In accordance with Article 298/3 of the Civil Transactions Law, a claim for damages becomes barred fifteen years after the detrimental act was committed in any circumstance.

An illegal conduct, like defamation or another form of slander, frequently gives rise to a claim for damages, including moral damages. Whether the lawsuit for damages can still be heard is a potential concern.

Yes, it is the answer. Article 297 of the Civil Transactions Law states that the severity of the criminal punishment is irrelevant when assessing the scope of civil culpability and the calculation of damages. Once its requirements are met, civil liability won’t affect criminal responsibility. According to Article 298/2 of the Civil Transactions Law, an action for damages may still be heard if the claim stems from a criminal offense and the hearing on the associated punishment is still ongoing after the aforementioned time period has passed.


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