New Munchkin Cat Checklist

Before you bring your new munchkin cat or kitten home, there are several things you need to collect so your cat would feel like a family member instead of just a visitor. Here is the new munchkin cat checklist that you need to follow.


If you can connect with the caregiver in the cat’s last home, it is reasonable to give your new pet whatever food they like to eat. The contract suggests or requires you to feed the cat with appropriate food if you acquire the cat from the breeder. You must give a specific food type if the munchkin cat is a kitten. So it would help if you connected with the breeder before buying the cat. It is because baby cats need more fats and protein than grown-up cats, who always prefer food items containing a complete and balanced amount of nutrition.

There are also some food types formulated explicitly for the kitten. It can be identified as the highest digestible nutrient, dense and uniquely designed to align with the nutritional requirement of the kitten. If the kitten is over eight weeks old, they can handle dry food, too, even though canned food is great for them. 

Canned food is generally better for cats, but your cat might only be used to dry food. Grown-up cats can eat dry food from any of the brands.

Food and Water Bowls

Even though you can feed your new cat in any ceramic or stainless steel bowl you have in the kitchen, it might feel better with you providing them with their own dishes. It is hygienic for you and your family. Using any plastic dish for your cat is not recommended as the cats develop chin rash from the plastic, which provides a harbour to the bacteria.

There are several non-tip stainless bowls available for pets. Ensure that the glazes are lead-free if you prefer decorated ceramic dishes. Automatic food and water servers are great if you are gone for a long term during the day. The majority of cats love freshwater, and automatic water dispensers are the best bet here.


All the cats love to play, and the munchkin cat is no different. The cat will begin by playing with its toys, and you can also bond with them during this while. The fishing pole is a kind of toy which is an all-time favourite interactive toy for cats. Ensure it is strong enough, or the tiny kittens will tear off the feathers. Kitty houses and climbing posts can also be a great source of recreation for them.

Grooming Tools

Grooming time is undoubtedly a good time for bonding with your new cat. It would be best to always look for a fine tooth comb and rubber-packed pin brush. It is a plus point to buy a nail clipper for your munchkin cat. If you start clipping the cat’s nails early, it will be easier when the cat grows up.

Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is undoubtedly a must-buy, and you should only try to travel with the cat if you have one. A simple cardboard carrier is perfect for bringing a new cat or kitten into your house.

Scratching Post

It would be best to start bonding with your cat by getting and investing in an excellent scratch post. It can be simple or fancy. You can assemble one yourself if you are good with tools. You can also buy ones that are commercially made.

Litter Box

Choosing a litter box is one of the essentials to buy for your cats. You have to look for a sizable box that can be used by grown-up cats, as they might be throwing the litter around. You can start by getting a plastic box. Kittens would need a container which is low enough so that they can enter quickly. 

Under the litter box, you must keep a train to catch the strain return, and you can buy mats for that purpose. You can visit a pet store to buy an inexpensive carpet that can be tossed and replaced when it gets too dirty.


The article laid down all the necessities you need to fulfil before and after purchasing a cat. Hence these are some supplies you must have whenever you consider welcoming the munchkin cat home.


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