Astrology is an ancient study of the planets to predict your past, present, and future. According to the best Online Astrology Consultation, Astrological remedies effectively help students and learners succeed and decrease adverse planets’ effects and their afflicted placements in the horoscope.

If you face constant hurdles and obstacles in your educational path and career, you can follow the astrological remedies to overcome the challenges. 

Astrological Remedies for a Better Education

  • We often find that our children suffer from poor concentration and weak memory. In such cases, you can put green curtains in the study area of your child’s room. This will ensure planet Mercury’s sound effects and influence, as it is symbolic of a good education.
  • You can ask your child to combine roli, sugar, and rose petals in a copper container to seek the blessings of Lord Sun (Surya deva). It is one of the effective astrological remedies, according to astrologers. Also, if possible, you can donate anything red-colored to needy people every Sunday to get a better academic life for your child.
  • You can make your and your child’s food with no salt or minimal salt on Sundays. It is also considered a very effective and straightforward astrological remedy for achieving success in education.
  • Always teach your child the importance and relevance of the very beneficial Gayatri mantra. Recitation of this powerful mantra 21 times every day is beneficial for better success. It is not an ancient chant but is also suggested to increase attention and concentration.
  • The recitation of Maa Saraswati Beej Mantra (Om Shreem Hreem Sarawati-Ya Namaha) 21 times is helpful to get her blessings. You can also pray to goddess Saraswati to seek divine blessings from the goddess of education and wisdom.
  • You can place an idol of Maa Sarawati in the child’s study room. It is also suggested by the astrologers to increase the memory and concentration of your child.
  • You must make sure not to place any heavy furniture in your child’s study room. Placing heavy furniture in the study room opposes positive energy. It is also a hindrance to educational success.
  • Sometimes, the position of Mercury is afflicted in the horoscope of your child. For the affected position of Mercury, the child may face constant hurdles and bad marks. He must never get the best success and desired results. If you want to eliminate this planet’s ill effects and negative influence, you can offer green moong seeds, a few cardamom seeds, and Dhruva wrapped in a green cloth to Lord Ganesha at the temple every Wednesday.
  • You can also take help from Ayurvedic astrology to get success in education. If you want to increase your child’s memory power, mix one teaspoon of tulsi juice (basil) with honey. Ask your child to take it every day before having breakfast. It will increase memory, and tulsi leaves with honey also have several medicinal values. 
  • The position of the study desk of your child is equally important. Make sure that it should face the north, east, or northeast direction. The proper position will help your child to get more focus and concentration on studies.
  • Ask your child to sit facing the east side for good memory and concentration power. It will make your child become calm & composed with positive thoughts. It will also improve their concentration.
  • Make sure to construct your child’s room facing south or east. The child’s sleeping position should also be facing south or east direction to improve their concentration and focus.
  • Every Wednesday, ask your child to recite “Guru Grehgayepadhaanraghuraee, Alp KaalVidya Sab Pai ” on a tulsi mala 108 times. They can do this chanting at any time of the day.
  • Copper is associated with the Sun and is an effective astrological remedy to improve educational success. You can choose this astrological remedy to improve your child’s focus on studies. You can ask your child to wear a small square piece of copper in a long chain. It will attract the energy of the Sun and increase his abilities and skills.
  • Astrologers also suggest some offerings. You can also donate five kinds of sweets and two cardamom seeds to the Peepal tree. You can continue doing this for three consecutive Thursdays. It is an effective remedy for achieving improved and best results. 


So, here are some best astrological remedies according to the Online Astrology Consultation. You can follow these remedies for your child to make a better education career for them. You can also take help from the best astrologer & Speak to Astrologer  to learn more about astrological tips for a better academic life. 


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