Can We Marry Even If The Horoscope Didn’t Match?

Horoscope matching is also called Kundli Milan. This is a custom that is followed in many Indian marriages. Kundli Milan ensures that the bride and the groom who are about to get married are compatible.

There are times when the Kundlis are not matched. Here comes the question of whether one should marry or just delay the marriage? To know the answer, continue reading the write-up.

About Kundli Milan

Moon’s position in one’s natal chart is a vital part of horoscope matching. The bride’s and the groom’s Kundli matching is based on Constellation and relates the planetary position during the birth of both the partners.

That is how the placement of planetary bodies impacts the lives of people and aids in creating a strong and lovely bond.

Importance of Kundli Milan

Kundli Milan is considered a vital part of many Hindu marriages. We all are wary that every custom and ritual changes over time. However, the horoscope matching of the couples prior to marriage is yet unchanged.

Horoscope or Kundli Milan before tying the knot is important for ensuring that the future bride and groom make a perfect couple.

The Major Reasons for Kundli Milan

1.      In an individual’s Kundli, there is a continuous movement of heavenly bodies. These movements have an influence on the individual’s life as well as the life of their spouse, too. Due to the planetary movement, the individual’s life sees a change continually. Thus, Kundli Milan will inform you about your financial steadiness, career prospects, and relationship.

2.      Marriage is among the most beautiful and pleasurable moments for every person. Kundli Milan is necessary prior to getting married for comprehending the compatibility among the partners. Thus, it is an extremely vital aspect that lets us figure out whether the horoscope of both spouses is compatible or not. This ritual is mainly carried out to know their demeanours, values, and energies harmonized with one another.

3.      Horoscope matching will too let you know about the health of the bride and the groom. The key thing looked at in horoscope matching is children’s happiness. No family is complete without children.

What If The Kundli Does Not Match?

We know the importance of Kundli or horoscope matching before marriage. It is primarily done to ensure a blissful and successful marital life. But what to do if the Kundli does not match?

Ultimately, everything is about how the partners make things work well for themselves. Here comes the part of a trustworthy astrology expert. There are a few astrological remedies that we can use to get rid of all the negativity and impacts of Yogas and Doshas in the couple’s natal chart.

Astrology comprises remedies and resolutions of an issue. There are several solutions in astrology to marriage with someone even though the horoscope does not match. Thus, no need to be anxious and tie the wedding knot.

How to Match Kundli?

The prime purpose of Kundli matching is to see the relationship compatibility among two individuals. Kundli Matching is not necessary, but it is recommended. If you wish to tie the knot following Kundli Milan, choose full Vedic Milan and not just based on Gun Milan. This is because, later on, you might likely overlook a lot of critical things in life, deeming that nothing negative will arise since your birth charts were matched.

Choose pre-marital counselling if you want to tie the knot without Kundli matching. Avoid taking on shortcuts or neglect checking the forthcoming orthodoxy to the relation compatibility aspects.

In a love marriage, one must not neglect the suggestion of going through the 10 relationship compatibility factors as for even a small problem later; they might struggle to receive aid from others.

The relationship of marriage begins by knowing one another and whether this relationship will be a success is dependent upon the nature of the spouses.

Last Words

Both horoscope matching using information related to birth and marriage matching using name can be done.

Therefore, it is advisable to be extremely careful when marrying. Matching horoscopes using birth info can be done with correct birth info. In case of incorrect info, marriage matching using name is probable, only if your name is based on the correct Nakshatra while you took birth.


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