Are you thinking of living in Kuna, Idaho or moving to the city? Are you moving for business or for vacation, for education or for visitation? Well, one thing you cannot rule out in all of these is the need to know and understand the cost of living in Kuna, Idaho. The knowledge of the cost of living in Kuna determines almost every other thing about your moving. It determines how, when and what you move to the city with. It also determines how you prepare for your move and your savings as well.

If you have been looking for that single place where you can get that information from, then you are certainly at the right place.

At the end of this article, you will have the cost of living in Kuna, Idaho at your fingertips. We shall take you through such key and sensitive areas as housing, health, transportation, utilities, food and groceries, and education. After this, you will be properly equipped with the right information that will guide you through your moving. We shall also provide you information about Kuna movers who can offer you professional moving services to ensure that your moving experience is worth it.

Quick facts about Kuna Idaho 

  • Kuna maintains an employment rate of 3.5% as against the U.S employment average of 6.0%
  • Kuna is projected to attain a job a job growth rate of 50.8%, which is higher than the United States projected job growth rate of 33.5%
  • As against the United States sales tax rate of 7.3%, Kuna maintains a sales rate of 6.0%
  • While the United States income tax rate is 4.6%, Kuna’s income tax rate is 7.4%
  • Kuna maintains an average income salary of $19,319 per annum, while the United States average income salary sits at $28,555 per annum. 
  • Kuna Idaho maintains an average median income of $56,533 per annum, as against the United States average median income of $53,482 per annum. 

General insight into the cost of living in Kuna Idaho

Generally, Kuna is -5.0% Lower in cost of living than the United State’s average cost of living. What this means is that if you are unable to live in some cities than run on the national average because of the cost, Kuna Idaho can actually be a place for you. Aside from its lower cost of living than the national average, its weather and outdoor life is quite incredible and excellent for cooling off and exercise.

Compared to the previous year, the year 2022 witnessed an increase in cost of living in Kuna by some 2.5% Food, transportation and housing were the largest 


Housing is one of the major contributors to the general increase in the cost of living in Kuna Idaho between the previous year and now. But the good news is that the cost of housing in Kuna is still lower than the national average by 23.5%. You would get a studio apartment in Kuna, Idaho at an average rent of $691, while one bedroom would go for an average of $778. Two bedrooms would go for $979, three bedrooms for $1379 and four bedrooms for $1625, all per month. About 80% of residents in Kuna Idaho own their houses, while the remaining 20% live on rent.


The cost of accessing healthcare in Kuna is a little higher than the national average by 1.7%. In the entire United States, Kuna is ranked number 39 in terms of the access and affordability of the residents to healthcare. This average is calculated using the standard rates for daily hospital rooms, doctor’s office visit cost, and the cost of checkup by dentist. 

Kuna Idaho is serviced by many hospitals and healthcare centers, including St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, Nampa, Treasure Valley Hospital, Saint Alphonsus Neighborhood Hospital- South Nampa, and numerous others.

Food and groceries

Cost of food and groceries is lower in Kuna Idaho by some -36.6% than the national average. An adult spends an average of $3,343 per annum on food in Kuna, whereas a family numbering about four adults spends an average of $9,654 per annum on food.


Kuna maintains a total of twelve schools, one out of the two being a private school and the other eleven, public schools. Whereas the average United States expenditure per student is $12,383, Kuna Idaho’s average expenses per student is as low as $5,914. There is an average of 19 students per teacher. The cost of education is far lower in Kuna than the national average. This accounts for the influx of students and families into the city. So, if you have a family and are looking for a place for your kids to be in school affordably, Kuna Idaho is the answer.


The cost of transportation in Kuna is by 

16.6% higher than the national average. More than the average 85.5% commuters Nationwide, about 94.30% of Kuna residents commute to work. The city maintains an average of 25.4 minutes which is slightly below the national average of 26.6 minutes long. It is estimated that a total of $9,806 is spent on transportation per person in Kuna, as against the national average of $9,60.

Kuna movers

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