Towels come in different fabrics, and cotton and microfiber are common examples. They serve different purposes, but choosing one over the other can still be challenging. Knowing the differences, uses, and benefits of each can help you make that choice, especially if you buy bulk towels. It can also save you money and help you achieve an optimal level of cleanliness. 

Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are naturally absorbent cloths made from fiber extracted from cotton plants. Cotton is a popular material for making towels because of its excellent cleaning and drying properties. It is naturally breathable, flexible, and absorbent. You may find cotton towels, including cleaning cloths, at restaurants, hotels, or households. 

Many users say cotton does not irritate the skin, making it preferable to other materials. They also assert that it quickly absorbs water, saving them time and effort. A cotton towel’s distinguishing qualities are thickness, plushness, and tenderness. Depending on their use, they come in various sizes. Washcloths are as tiny as 12″ by 12,” and bath sheets reach up to 40″ by 72.”


The all-natural and organic cotton towels are advantageous since they are eco-friendly. They are inexpensive, making them preferable for a business operating on a tight budget. 

Another common benefit of cotton towels is their durability and ease of care. If you take care of a cotton towel, it can serve you for years. No special skills are required when looking after cotton towels; wash them the same way you would typical cotton cloths or sheets. 


Cotton towels are beneficial but have a fair share of downsides. They are organic and breathable, so the mess and odor picked up when cleaning is trapped between fibers and bacteria. Reusing them after a single wash can be a challenge when this happens. Being all-natural also means they’re prone to damage if the threads are damaged. Depending on the type and manner of use, they will only serve you for a short while despite the care taken to preserve them.  

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is an excellent alternative to cotton for cleaning cloths and towels. Unlike cotton, microfiber towels are a product of innovation. It comprises synthetic substances like polyamide, nylon, and polyester. Making a microfiber towel involves compressing together thin and fine microfibers. The process results in a towel with less space between the strands, making it highly absorbent.

Microfiber towels and cloths are best suited to dusting your home, wiping kitchen counters, or even cleaning your office appliances. They come in different sizes depending on usage. Cleaning cloths can be 16″ by 16″, with more oversized towels up to 25″ by 36″ used for drying larger surfaces, such as cars or pets. An example of a microfiber cloth is a lens cleaner.


Microfiber towels have superior cleaning and drying properties. A microfiber towel features more fibers than a cotton towel per square unit. Therefore, a microfiber towel is more efficient at picking up dirt and dust and absorbing liquid than a cotton one. It helps you clean messes, including liquid spillages, debris, grime, soil, and more. 

Since microfiber towels are synthetic, they are longer lasting than their cotton counterparts. 


The cost of microfiber towels is a top concern for businesses that need huge numbers. They are more expensive than cotton towels, which can be a problem for a company that operates on a strict budget. 

Unlike cotton towels, they also require extra care to keep them in good condition and help them last longer. Washing a microfiber towel is complicated and time-consuming since it needs special detergents and washing procedures. 

Choosing Between Cotton and Microfiber Towels 

Both the cotton and microfiber towels get the job done when called upon. The choice between the two materials depends on your needs and unique situation. Cotton towels are suitable for small businesses with a limited budget but with vast cleaning and drying needs. They are also ideal for a fast-paced company, like a restaurant where messes are common since they are easy and fast to clean. Cotton towels are also suitable for softer and more delicate surfaces and items. They are also best suited to drying your hair, hands, and skin.

Always use microfiber cloths if you want the best cleaning and drying qualities. They are superior to cotton cloths when cleaning an array of hard surfaces. These types of towels are also comparatively more durable than cotton towels. If you purchase cotton towels, you may have to change them more frequently than you would for microfiber versions. 

Buy Bulk Towels As a business owner, ensure you understand your cleaning and drying needs before committing to cotton or microfiber towels. Microfiber towels will better serve a busy car wash over cotton versions since they are hardy. On the other hand, a hotel will get better reviews for choosing soft and plush cotton towels. Buy bulk towels to save money and help your business grow.


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