Making Movies In Windows


iMovie is a video editing application developed by Apple that is available for use on both the Mac and iOS platforms. It is fully functional and comes with everything you need to create, edit, and share your photographs and movies with others. 

The disappointing news is that users of Windows 10 will not be able to use iMovie. 

On a computer running Windows 10, we will examine the eight best alternatives to iMovie that are free and premium. These iMovie Alternatives For Windows Free may be used to create movies.

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is the most capable alternative to iMovie for Windows 10 users. Even for beginners, making incredible videos can be a lot of fun since it’s so easy. First, place the media files on the timeline, then alter them using the editing capabilities compatible with Windows. 

Movavi Video Editor has functionality comparable to iMovie For Windows, allowing users to do fundamental editing tasks such as cutting, trimming, and rotating videos to any angle feasible. 

Use this programme to become your movie maker by using the many filters, titles, stickers, special effects, and transitions available. 

Make use of the picture-in-picture function to show several clips all at once on the screen. You may give the scene more prominence by stopping the hook at any point. 

2. WeVideo 

Do you want to edit the video in your browser, or do you want to do it on the cloud? Then WeVideo is an excellent option for you. It is optional to have a potent computer for this to operate.

Ideal for situations in which you work in a group setting or with other individuals in a distant area. You could start the editing process, and then other team members may log in and finish it off, or vice versa. 

The user interface is straightforward. As a result, excellent results may be achieved with this programme regardless of whether you are a novice or have previous expertise in editing videos. 

3. HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express is another video editor that gives users access to capabilities often reserved for professionals at no cost. 

Several beneficial capabilities are included in the primary editor, such as advanced cutting tools, layers and masking, incredible audio and video filters, composition options, and the ability to generate green screen effects with chroma keying.

You can get more free features. But, on the other hand, for just ten dollars, you can get a pack that gives you access to various creative filters, colour correction, split-screen masking, and exposure changes. 

The inability to import and animate a number of the more powerful plugins, such as chroma key or professional denoiser, is one of the limitations of the Hitfilm Express software.

4. Shotgun blast 

Shotcut is yet another well-liked choice that might be made. This video editing programme is available for free and powerful, despite having a UI that could be more user-friendly.

There are also some pretty sophisticated hardware integrations included in this package. For example, your computer’s processing capability will determine whether your video card can make use of stuff such as graphics processing unit (GPU) rendering, which may speed up the process of rendering and exporting. 

The interface of Shotcut needs to be updated since it could be more intuitive, which is the program’s most significant drawback considering how vital the functions are and how promising the prospective outcomes are. The good news is that there are tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through each step of using the Shotcut capabilities to their full potential.

5. Davinci Resolve

By a wide by, the most capable and feature-rich free video editing software accessible on any platform is Davinci Resolve. This free programme can edit films for projects being worked on by experienced film editors, and it is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. 

The Davinci Resolve stands out as the most impressive piece of free software available on our list. No other video editing programme comes close to the power, feature set, and professional capabilities included in the free version of Shotcut compared to the competition.

6. Filmora 

Filmora, developed by Wondershare, is an easy-to-use video editing programme that delivers high-quality results. The programme has an easy-to-use and straightforward interface, overlays, filters, transitions, motion components, and a limited selection of music that does not need royalties to be used. 

The bulk of video editing software available today includes standard features like support for gifs and 4k resolutions, but titles are one aspect that Filmora excels at doing well. Although Filmora does not quite have the functionality of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, which can superimpose 3D titles on top of your clip and rotate them in any direction, it does include some cool titling features in the paid software. As a result, title tools are becoming increasingly popular in video editing software.

7. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements has been available to consumers for some time now. This incredible software, a stripped-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-standard tool for video editing, is packed with many useful features. 

Therefore, if you want to start studying Premiere Elements and eventually graduate to the full version of Premiere Pro, it is a natural upgrade route for you. Furthermore, the procedure is relatively smooth because of the similarities across the interfaces.

8. Cyberlink Powerdirector 

Cyberlink Powerdirector is an additional powerful video editor compatible with Windows 10. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned professional, Powerdirector can help you achieve fantastic results. 

When it comes to rendering times, Cyberlink is one of the most efficient video editing products that are currently on the market. It also has some powerful hardware integrations. 

Many fantastic capabilities, such as title designers, 360-degree video editing, and other elements, will help your film seem more professional.


HitFilm and Shotcut are your best alternatives if you want to avoid the complete pro video editing capabilities but are still seeking something that provides you with the fundamentals. To get the best-in-results, you should go with the Movavi video editing software that will give you the best video editing experience. Movavi will provide you with excellent outcomes.


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