There is always an intense struggle for individual awards in the Italian championship. For example, for the title of the best assistant. Fans can find out the livescore of matches from the world of this championship on the sports statistics website. Here all the games of the Italian championship are covered.

So, in the 2011/2012 campaign, Fabrizio Miccoli was the top assist man in Serie A. The “Palermo” representative had 14 assists. Thanks to this, he surpassed many star competitors like Sebastian Giovinco and Mirko Vucinic. The Italian gave 14 accurate assists in 28 games. Moreover, in every second game, he gave a resulting pass.

His fantastic form was the key to that “Palermo,” at the end of the campaign, managed to keep the seat in Serie A, finishing in the 16th position in the standings. By the way, for the livescore of matches with the participation of this club, even today is possible to follow on the sports statistics site.

At that time, Miccoli was the main star of the team. Almost all the attacks were built around him. Fabrizio not only completed them but also regularly created chances for his partners. Unfortunately, his future was not pretty. Due to problems with the law, the Italian spent several years in prison. However, many fans still remember his brilliant performances on the field.

The main factors of Miccoli’s victory

No one doubted Fabrizio’s playing ability. But like many, he often lacked consistency. Therefore, he could combine successful matches with outright failures. By the way, if fans suddenly missed football results yesterday of games involving teams in which Miccoli played, the necessary information can be found on a verified platform. Here are covered matches of teams in all tournaments.

So, Miccoli was able to beat the competition thanks to the following:

  1. The team’s style of play. It was built around Fabrizio. Thanks to this, the player constantly worked with the ball, creating chances for partners.
  2. The ability to quickly assess the situation and choose the best option to continue the attack. 
  3. Technique. Thanks to his dribbling, the player could get into an optimal position and give an accurate pass.

Most importantly, in the 2011/2012 campaign, the player managed to improve himself in terms of stability. Therefore, he played a lot of great matches. As a result, winning the individual award looked well-deserved and logical. However, the player’s future career frankly did not go well.

And if you are still following “Palermo’s” matches, but you missed the football results of games that were played yesterday or earlier, the information about them is easy to find on the sports statistics website. Unfortunately, here only the latest data on the progress of the matches is available. However, the information is constantly updated, which allows you to keep your hand on the pulse and not miss anything important.


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