Nick Rimmer arrived at Maryville University in the year 2019 as a freshman athlete on the golf team for men. Although he had only been a part of the Maryville University family for a brief period, Nick made an indelible impression on the people who were around him. Nick had a charismatic personality that attracted people to him and made acquaintances with all he met. His dedication to excellence in his academics and in sports was never questioned, and his leadership abilities were visible among his teammates.

Apart from being a top student athlete, Nick is also an extremely devoted participant in the community. He was a volunteer with local organizations , including Habitat for Humanity, where he assisted in building homes for families with low incomes that needed shelter. His kindness and compassion went beyond volunteering. He often gave food items or clothes to the most in need. Nick also hosted events that raised hundreds of dollars in charities every year, a testimony of his determination to give his time and effort to make a difference to the lives of others.

What is the fate of Nick Rimmer?

The Maryville Saints community was shaken to its core on the morning of January 24, 2023, when it was revealed that former player Nick Rimmer had passed away. He was just 20 years old. young. Edmonton Police Service first broke the information to the public. The search for a man who was missing for a while was halted after his body was discovered.

The Loss of Nick Rimmer

It is a sad day for Maryville University. Nick Rimmer has left many heartbreaks within Maryville University and beyond. His passing has caused us all to consider our own mortality and appreciate each moment spent with our beloved people. We can reflect fondly on the impact Nick had here in Maryville University and be comforted by knowing that, even though Nick has passed away physically but his spirit will be remembered by those who were closest to him–his family and friends, his coaches, teammates and professors. And every person whose life was touched during his short but memorable time on the campus of Maryville University.

We are devastated by our loss Nick Rimmer but find solace by reliving the happiness he brought to our lives throughout his time in Maryville University. We’d like to send our sincere condolences to the family of Nick during this difficult time , and also thanks them for sharing their precious son with us throughout the years. We wish you peace, sweet Nick and you will never be ever forgotten! #RIPNickRimmer #MaryvilleSaintsStrong


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